10:: Thinking Too Loud

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Jimmy glanced up as he heard an irritated screech from nearby. "WILL EVERYONE JUST SHUP UP?!"

They were in the middle of an exam in their Science class and Jimmy and Joel had been sliding notes to each other (very messy notes on Joel's behalf- clearly his friend hadn't yet grasped how to write with a quill and was using his claws), and there was the occasional giggle from one of them, but otherwise the classroom was completely silent.

This was why the shout from Katherine caught him so off-guard (he wasn't the only one- Pearl nearly fell over at this demand and Sausage looked like he had just seen a ghost). What?

Their teacher, a NightWing-SkyWing hybrid named Mumbo, glanced over from where he'd been explaining a question to a very confused Joey. "Katherine? Are you all right?" He asked gently, looking more than a bit alarmed.

The NightWing-HiveWing shook her head violently. "No, no, no, no, everyone won't shut up. Why does EVERYONE think so loud?" She hissed, and Jimmy (who was pretty sure he was the only who had heard Katherine's muttering) stared at his clawmate as something clicked. Oh. She's the mind reader. Presumably.

She whipped her head round to stare at Jimmy, seemingly realising that she had just given herself away. "I mean- uh- talk so- I need to go and- uh-" Katherine darted out of the classroom without another word.

Jimmy could see Xornoth and Scott exchange a glance across from him. "Dramatic." Xornoth muttered, but he still looked mildly concerned.

Maybe someone should go check on her- oh, there goes Sausage. He watched as the NightWing-SkyWing walked after Katherine with a confused expression, and he could hear the shout of 'Katherine?' as his clawmate disappeared around the corner.

"No, don't- oh, okay, there he- there he goes." Mumbo muttered with a resigned expression. "Great, now I have to tell X that two students ran off." Uh- make it three.

Jimmy didn't exactly want to leave class (especially not during an exam) but Katherine looked really upset, and he wanted to check she was okay.

After a few minutes of wandering around the halls and nearly walking into multiple not so empty caves that he thought were empty, he found Sausage and Katherine in the place he probably should have looked first- the sleeping cave.

Both dragonets looked up, clearly somewhat startled, as Jimmy entered the cave. Katherine looked absolutely miserable about something, but she was still studying him intensely (perhaps trying to figure out what he was thinking- he was trying his best not to think anything).

"Uh... hey, Katherine- and Sausage. You guys, uh... okay?" He tried not to feel uneasy at Katherine's gaze scanning his face for any sign of emotion, but it was hard not to.

"You're Joel's friend, right?" The hybrid asked quietly, tilting her head. Sausage shot her a confused look as Katherine waited for Jimmy's response.

"I... am. How is that- are you okay?" The tribrid added quietly. "You looked- really upset in class."

"Well- yeah. Exams are awful for me. All anyone's doing is- thinking. It's too... loud. I don't even have anything else to focus on- like I can't focus on one dragon talking. I'm just kinda- forced to listen to it all at once.." Katherine said with a shrug. "But yeah, everyone thinks too loud."

"Katherine, he doesn't know that you can read m-"

"Yes he does." Katherine glanced between Sausage and Jimmy, her face going blank (somewhat void of emotion, if you will). "I heard him. He knows."

"So- it's just because everyone was thinking at once?" Jimmy queried, feeling a twinge of pity for the younger dragonet.

"...partially. But I've been- really anxious lately, so that probably didn't help." Katherine said with a shrug. "I was gonna break down at some point." The part MudWing was about to point out that she seemed fine now, but then he noticed that she was still shaking slightly and glancing around the cave rapidly.

"Why have you been, uh- anxious...?" That's a stupid question- you don't even need a reason to- oh well, I've said it now.

Katherine frowned and said nothing for a moment. When she did speak up, her voice was trembling slightly. "I've seen some pretty awful things in the thoughts of other dragons, Jimmy. Not things they've done. But things they want to do whenever someone insults them, or looks at them the wrong way, or anything they don't like. They're trying to stop themself, admittedly, but if they keep on like this, it won't end well. They're going to snap eventually if someone doesn't talk to them."

"Who- is it?" The youngest of the three said nothing in response to Jimmy's question, but Sausage shrugged uncomfortably.

"Yeah, I've seen some pretty weird like- vision- things lately." The NightWing-SkyWing shivered slightly. "A loooot of death, if I'm being honest. To be fair though, I tend to see multiple different timelines, so some of them might be like- worst case scenario." Sausage added with a laugh. "Hopefully."

"What- who's the... dragon? You need to tell someone!" Jimmy protested. They sound dangerous.

"They haven't done anything yet." Sausage reasoned. "No reason to cause alarm over nothing, right?"

Katherine nodded with a muttered 'mhm'.

"So you can- actually see the future?" Jimmy asked slowly, and Sausage nodded enthusiastically. "And you can... read minds."

"Correct." Katherine said quietly, seemingly amused by his curiosity (he had come to the conclusion that Katherine changed moods very quickly).

"Mannn. Everyone here is so cool! Joel's an animus, you can read minds, Sausage can see the future, there's two animus teachers, FWhip has firescales - I'm just lame, I didn't even get the RainWing venom." Jimmy added with a laugh.

"If it helps, Joey also didn't get the RainWing venom." Sausage said with a shrug.

"That- does help a tiny bit." The tribrid said with a laugh. "Are you... okay to go back to class now? The exam should be over. People probably stopped paying attention after you left."

Katherine paused. "Uh- I guess."

Oof Katherine, Reading minds would be awful ngl

Also sorry if I- explained it badly? Like, why Katherine got so overwhelmed? Normally when someone's talking she can try really hard to focus on talking about it's easier, but when it's completely silent all she can hear is everyone's thoughts at once

Anyways i feel as though I'm making the antagonist really obvious (🤨) but anyway hope you enjoyed 😎

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Sorry for any errors lol

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