3:: Introductions

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Jimmy blinked as he heard a startled shriek from outside the sleeping cave.


The response to the shout was a sheepish, "I'm sorry! There's a lot of dragons here, I'm trying not to walk into anyone."

A few moments later two SkyWings walked into the cave.

The taller of the pair had ruby red scales, bright blue eyes and a pair of slightly charred goggles on his head. His scales appeared to be smoking slightly, although the smoke vanished as he attempted to calm himself.

The SkyWing next to him (the one who had been shrieking about her tail being stood on) had washed out peach scales, light green eyes and glasses that were suspended from her horns with taught, twisted silk. She also had a small pouch attached to a bracelet she was wearing on the ankle of one of her front legs.

The two paused as they spotted Lizzie, Joel and Jimmy (Pix had left to go find the library). "Uh-" The dragonet with smoking scales glanced between the three. "You didn't happen to- well-"

"Why would him stepping on your tail cause such a reaction?" Lizzie queried.

"Because FWhip has burning scales." The smaller dragonet grumbled, lying down in the corner of the cave and covering her face with her wing.

'FWhip' shrugged awkwardly. "Firescales." The dragonet mumbled, taking an awkward seat next to the other SkyWing. "Her name is Gem, by the way."

"Nice to meet you guys. I think. I'm Jimmy, and that's Joel and Lizzie." The tribrid added, his tail twitching slightly.

"Ohhhh, cool." FWhip's gaze flicked to the crown that was haphazardly balanced on Lizzie's horns. "Oooo, shiny."

Gem closed her wings, sitting up and staring at her brother (presumably her brother, anyway) with a disappointed expression. "Don't."




Jimmy glanced away from his conversation with Shelby (a friendly LeafWing who turned out to be in his Winglet as well) as a dragon burst into the cave they were in. Is this the teacher?

He was a RainWing with cyan and orange scales that were so bright it hurt Jimmy's eyes to look at them, and he had multiple scars criss-crossing across his snout, wings (one of his wings had a noticeably large tear in it, probably meaning that the dragon couldn't fly, which sucked) and tail.

"I am- you guys are the self defence, Amethyst and Ruby Winglets class, right?" When the dragonets had confirmed this, the RainWing sighed. "Sorry for being late. I'm your self defence teacher! My name is Scar." He added proudly. "Now, if I'm correct, this is your first class, right?" Jimmy and Shelby nodded. "Okay, well I was thinking we could go around the class and say our name and... one interesting fact about ourselves! To get to know each other! We wouldn't get much done anyway cause I was late, so- I'll start! My name is Scar, and I have a cat called Jellie."

Scar's gaze flicked to one of the dragonets that hadn't spoken yet. He was an IceWing with bright white scales that faded out to a cyany-blue colour on his wingtips, and he had a bored expression and looked as if he wanted to leave. "You! IceWing! You go first."

The dragonet pulled a face. "Do I have to?"

Another dragonet behind him, a NightWing with patches of white scales and the whip-thin tail that was typical of an IceWing, let out a snicker of laughter, and the first dragonet glared at him before speaking. "Fine. My name is Scott, and... I don't know. I'm an IceWing prince? Does that count?"

"Sure! Uh- how about- the RainWing?" The red, blue and yellow RainWing (the same one Jimmy had seen wandering the hallways) brightened.

"Well, my name is Joey, and my favourite colour is red, and I can do this!" The white markings lit up brightly, causing everyone but Lizzie (who was probably used to bright scales) and the dragonet next to Joey (who was probably used to Joey's shenanigans) to wince or try to cover their eyes.

Scar blinked rapidly. "Well that is certainly something. Are you part SeaWing, by any chance? Because I know a SeaWing who loves to do-" He pointed a talon vaguely at the marking along Joey's wings, which were still illuminating the cave. "That."

"I am! My mother is a SeaWing." Joey added.

"So's mine!" Lizzie said brightly, and the dragonet who had laughed at Scott shot her an irritated look.

"No. Really? Your mother is a SeaWing? You? The SeaWing princess? Never would have guessed." The hybrid said sarcastically.

"Be nice, Xornoth." Scott said quietly, although he didn't seem too bothered.

"Yeah- Xornoth, or whatever your name is. Be nice." Lizzie retorted.

Scar glanced between the pair with a mildly concerned look as Xornoth opened his mouth to respond. "Okay, okay, calm down, you two! Let's move on to, uh... the NightWing? I think? Maybe a bit of... another tribe in there? Are you a hybrid?"

The dragon he was talking to was a dragonet with black scales (which seemed to have a purple-pink undertone) that had patches of yellow, orange and red scales scattered all across her body. She had a loop of some sort of black stone (obsidian, maybe?) stabbed through one of her ears, and she had two sets of wings (rather reminiscent of a HiveWing's wings) rather than one pair of normal NightWing wings.

She straightened slightly. "Uh- me...? I am a hybrid. NightWing-HiveWing." The dragonet added with an awkward laugh as she received multiple odd looks. It wasn't surprising to Jimmy that she received strange looks- the dragonet was a hybrid of the two 'weird' tribes on each continent (they weren't weird, in his opinion, but some dragons thought they were). "My name is Katherine, and... I like reading. I like- making books, like- binding them? Not writing them. Turning stories that were originally written on scrolls into books, that's fun." Oh, that's cool! Katherine brightened slightly, and Jimmy had to pause for a moment to try and figure out whether he'd said it out loud or not.

The RainWing that was their teacher brightened slightly. "Oh, cool! I use scrolls mostly, but books are cool as well. They're more of a Pantala thing though, I think." The brightly coloured dragon added thoughtfully.

There were a lot of interesting characters in his class- a NightWing-SkyWing called Sausage who claimed that he could see the future (Jimmy doubted it), for example, or a LeafWing-SilkWing called Pearl.

Overall, a very interesting class.

Woooo Scott and Xornoth are here

So are Shelby, FWhip, Gem, Katherine and Sausage :>

Sausage does have future sight he's just not very good at understanding it and interprets it incorrectly around 60% of the time, so most people don't trust his predictions

FWhip has Firescales, but it's a relatively odd case of Firescales where the heat of his scales depends on his mood. Tbf tho, even when he's calm, his scales are still very warm

Gem has no fire because I'm pretty sure that's the logic of twins where one has firescales (that's the logic of Peril and Sky in the books anyway, so yeah, fireless Gem, sad days)


Some hermits are gonna be the teachers :D

I just think Scar would be cool as a RainWing ngl

He can't fly tho, big sad

And the SeaWing he was talking about was xB btw

Comments are appreciated <3 :]

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