5:: Librarian

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It only took a few days for Jimmy to go to Shelby for help with the potted poppy.

He could only assume that a cave didn't exactly provide the optimal conditions for a flower to grow, so he was hoping she maybe had leafspeak (a rare LeafWing ability), or at least knew something about looking after plants, as her mushrooms were growing rapidly.

Jimmy glanced around their sleeping cave, which was empty apart from Pix, who was studying a candle that was slowly changing colours as he muttered something under his breath, Joel, who had kept his azalea bush alive through sheer willpower (and probably animus magic), and Shelby, who was studying her plant pot quietly.

Better now than never. I guess. Jimmy awkwardly picked up his plant pot, making his way over to Shelby. The LeafWing dragonet looked up as he approached, tilting her head slightly with a curious expression. "Can I help you?" Shelby asked quietly. Her gaze flicked to the withered poppy in the pot, arching one brow to form a disappointed expression as she looked back at the tribrid.

"Uh... yes. Do you have any tips on like- looking after plants? Maybe?" Jimmy asked awkwardly, his tail swishing back and forth as it lightly brushed over the ground. "I'm not doing a great job, if you can't tell."

"Oh! Uh... I mean... not- really? I just kind of-" Shelby glanced down at her claws before looking up again. "Maybe try the library? There'll probably be books about it there. Or at least something that can help?" The LeafWing suggested. Huh.

"Oh- uh- okay! I'll just- go to the library then." Jimmy said awkwardly. That was a quick conversation- He quickly put the pot back down in the spot where he slept and he heard a quiet voice as he turned to leave.

"Mind if I come with you? I'd like to check on something." Jimmy turned around to nod as Pix got up.

"I don't mind at all!" He said brightly, earning himself an uncharacteristic smile from Pix as the hybrid followed him out of the cave.

The pair reached the library within a few minutes, and at first there was no librarian to be seen. Pix glanced around with a frown.

"Maybe they're out?" Jimmy offered tentatively, but he still frowned slightly as well.

There was a small yelp from the desk by the entrance to the library, and Pix and Jimmy both turned to stare at it. "Oh- students! One moment-" They both stared as the desk moved slightly and another dragon jump out from an awkward crouching position under it. "Sorry about that! I dropped something under my desk, tried to pick it up, and my stupid horns got stuck. How can I help you?"

The dragon (presumably the librarian) who had been stuck under the desk certainly had a very interesting appearance.

The scales on his snout, wings, claws and the end of his tail were black, but the rest of the scales all faded in a perfect gradient to white (well, almost perfect- he was missing a few scales here and there). He had multiple gold chains draped around his horns and neck, two or three diorite (maybe?) earrings and an amber and gold ring on one of his claws that reminded Jimmy of the ring BDubs always wore.

The tribrid could vaguely hear Pix muttering about a whip thin IceWing tail and NightWing horns as Jimmy spoke. "Uh- yeah. Do you have any books about... looking after plants? Maybe?" He added hopefully.

The librarian nodded, walking away from the desk and towards the bookshelves lining the wall. "I think we have some somewhere... let me guess. BDubs' class?" The dragon let out a snort of laughter as Jimmy nodded. "Of course. He gives every class the same assignment." The hybrid (presumably, anyway) muttered as he reached up in an awkward stretch to pull down one of the books near the top of the bookshelf. Jimmy was about to ask why he didn't just fly up when he noticed a large tear in one of the older dragon's wings and decided not to ask.

The hybrid leant down again, walking over and calmly handing Jimmy the book, grinning. "There ya go!" He then paused thoughtfully. "You're in one of the new Winglets, aren't you? I don't recognise you. Sooo...."

"Uh- yes, we are. My name's Jimmy." He said brightly.

Pix glanced away from the scar over one of the librarian's eyes before speaking. "My name is, uh- Pix. Nice to meet you." He added quietly.

"Nice to meet you too, Pix! My name's Etho." Etho glanced between Pix and Jimmy, pausing and adding, "I'm guessing you're not here for plant care stuff? Is there anything I can help you find?" The librarian said curiously.

"Yes. Please. Um, do you have any books about- the effects of animus magic? Like- on the soul and... the user of animus magic? It's for, uh-" Pix glanced briefly at Jimmy before talking again. "Class." Class? We don't have any classes involving that. Jimmy frowned before shrugging and assuming that maybe Pix was concerned about Joel's excessive use of animus magic.

"I... think so. Huh. Which class is that again?" Etho called over his shoulder as he walked away.

The SandWing-SilkWing blinked. "Uh... History?" He tried, tapping his claws nervously on the stone beneath them.

Etho shot him a slightly suspicious look before nodding and looking at the titles of a few random books before pulling one off of the bookshelf and walking over to Pix. "I think this should be able to help." The hybrid said brightly as he handed the book to Pix. "Although if you're really curious about anything else related to it, I'd suggest having a chat with Xisuma. He's pretty much the resident animus." He wrinkled his snout with a slightly annoyed expression. "Or Cleo. I guess. She's annoying though. And that annoying MudWing dragonet who came in here last week calling himself a dragonet of destiny." Joel.

Pix blinked. "There are teachers who are animi?"

"Yep. Headteacher- Xisuma. He's an animus dragon- a NightWing. And Cleo- they supervise hunting- is also an animus dragon. They're a LeafWing-NightWing. But they are rather annoying, like I said, so... wait, I shouldn't say that to students-" The librarian sighed and shrugged as Jimmy and Pix exchanged a glance. Huh. Interesting.


Anyways I've mentally changed the entire plot of this story (removed Flower Husbands- sorry not sorry-, changed the antagonist, etc, etc.) so yeah

Also yeah, Etho, Cleo and Xisuma are there. Etho's the librarian and he's married to BDubs, Cleo supervises hunting and also helps Joe (they're a RainWing who had neon green scales most of the time) teach History sometimes, and X is the the headteacher/principal or whatever :DDD

Comments and votes are appreciated! <3 :]

Also any ideas for what other hermits could be teacher and species wise would be helpful

I've already got-

Xisuma- NightWing Animus, Headteacher

Scar- RainWing, Self Defence Teacher

BDubs- LeafWing, Botany Teacher

Grian- SkyWing-RainWing, Assistant Botany Teacher

xB- SeaWing, supervises hunting and also teaches swimming sometimes

Etho- NightWing-IceWing, Librarian

Cleo- LeafWing-NightWing Animus, supervises hunting and helps Joe teach History sometimes

Joe- RainWing, History Teacher

Sorry for any errors I don't proofread lol :D

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