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Jimmy opened his eyes and blinked as he felt something hit his wing, startling him and waking him up. What the- He moved his wings from where they had been covering his face to see Joel watching him with an amused expression.

"Dude. Why." He whispered, getting up and carefully stepping over Scott's tail (which was very spiky and would not be fun to get hit by). "It's like- the middle of the night probably."

"I don't know. I woke up and I was bored. So..." Joel shrugged, laughing.

"So you threw-" The tribrid twisted his neck at an awkward angle as he peered behind him at where he's been sleeping. "A rock at me? Also, be quiet, you'll wake everyone up." He added with an indistinct, hushed laugh as he attempted to walk in a way that wouldn't lead to him stepping on Shelby's outstretched wing.

"Sorry, sorry." Joel muttered as Jimmy reached him, but the mischievous glint in his eyes suggested he wasn't sorry at all.

Jimmy rolled his eyes, sitting next to Joel and shuffling back awkwardly from FWhip, who Jimmy could now tell for sure was a very restless sleeper as he rolled around and kicked out randomly in his sleep (which surely wasn't a good thing for a dragon with firescales). "Sure you are. What do you want?"

"Like I said. Bored." Joel said with a laugh. "Oops, sorry, that was loud. Anyways, I can't get back to sleep, so-"

"So you woke me up? In the middle of the night?" Jimmy huffed, but he wasn't actually all that annoyed- it was amusing if anything.

"Yep!" The MudWing dragonet said brightly. Jimmy rolled his eyes again, pausing as he spotted a new necklace draped around Joel's neck. It had a battered gold (maybe?) chain with a roughly cut chunk of amethyst at the end.

"Ooo, pretty new necklace." Jimmy leant closer to get a better look and Joel pushed his friend away from him as Jimmy reached out to hold the necklace.

"Hey, no touching, snails for brains!" His friend snarled, before pausing for a moment as his furious expression was replaced with a somewhat devastated one. "Uh- so sorry for snapping, but- it's kind of important to me. So don't touch it." So important that I've never seen it before? Even though we grew up together?

Jimmy nodded awkwardly. "Okay. Sorry. Is it like... a regular necklace? Or is it enchanted?" He added curiously as his gaze flicked around the room to make sure they hadn't woken anyone up. The part SeaWing could see that Katherine had moved slightly but he just assumed she had changed positions in her sleep and ignored it.

"Uh..." Joel paused, fidgeting with the amethyst at the end of the chain. "Enchanted. It's the, uh- it makes me better at hunting." He said with a frown, not meeting his gaze. That's not suspicious at all.

"Why would you need that? You're pretty good at hunting." Jimmy added quietly.

His companion shrugged. "I don't know. I'm not that great. Scott's really good at it, and FWhip... but I kinda want to be the best at it. So- magic." Joel added smugly, clearly proud of something that he had just said.

"Oh. Cool." That was mildly confusing, as Jimmy had always thought Joel to be very good at hunting- Jimmy was only good at catching fish and nothing else, so he'd always had a tiny bit of jealousy in regards to his friend's skills (admittedly Jimmy would rather eat fruit than fish, so the amount of jealousy was absolutely minuscule, but it was still there). "Any- other new spells lately?"

"Uh... I don't think so. I did the, uh, book with all the right answers in class though!" The part RainWing laughed at his friend's words, glad that the atmosphere had become more lighthearted again.

"Ah, so that's why you've been exceeding in Mumbo's class lately." Jimmy said with a grin, and Joel nodded proudly.

"Yup. I think icicle snout over there-" Joel's tail flicked to gesture in the direction of Scott. "-is a bit annoyed that he isn't doing the best anymore. Well- too bad, loser." Jimmy glanced at the book poking out of Joel's satchel, which was abandoned on the floor behind him.

"Is that the book?" He queried, and Joel nodded. "Do you just- keep all your enchanted stuff in there?" The shorter dragonet added with a snort of laughter.

"Well- not all of it, but..." The brown-scaled dragonet shrugged awkwardly. Jimmy paused as he noticed Katherine's face contort into a troubled expression (even though she was still asleep?) before glancing back at Joel.

"What enchanted stuff do you have?" Jimmy asked brightly, stepping sideways as FWhip's tail lashed back and forth. Three moons-

Joel frowned, staring at FWhip's sleeping form for a moment before glancing back at Jimmy. "Uh- the necklace... book... not, uh, much else really. I have enchanted stuff for other people though... Lizzie's crown, Scott's plant- may have enchanted it to die but he was being annoying, so he deserved it- uh... enchanted Sausage's satchel thing so that he can keep as much stuff in it as he wants... yeah, just helping a lot of dragons out, really." The other dragonet said with a small smile.

I doubt Scott would see it that way. Jimmy thought with an internal laugh, but he had enough sense not to say it. He glanced down at Joel's claws as he noticed his friend crush a small pebble, but thought nothing of it. He yawned loudly, blinking with an embarrassed expression and glancing around to make sure nobody had been woken up.

"I think I'm just gonna- go back to sleep now, if that's okay." The part MudWing said with a laugh, and Joel nodded.

"That's fine! Talk to you tomorrow!" His friend chirped as Jimmy started walking back towards his sleeping spot, hopping over Scott's tail and Shelby's wing again.

It was only as he lay down that he realised FWhip was no longer rolling around- he was just snoring quietly instead. Annoying, but it's better than someone getting burnt.

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