2:: Hybrids and Creepy Princesses

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Jimmy glanced away from Joel as the MudWing walked away and he looked back at his father.

They had just arrived on the stone ledge that was the entrance to Jade Mountain Academy, and Joel had already wandered off to go find their sleeping cave while Jimmy said goodbye to Caiman.

He glanced up at the bespectacled dragon stood next to him, who sighed. "Well... goodbye then, sweetheart. Remember, if you want to come home at any point then-"

"I'll be fine! Thanks though." Caiman smiled slightly at Jimmy's reassurances.

"If you're sure. Have fun. And, again, remember-"

"-I can come home whenever I want to. I know. Thank you. Love you." Jimmy glanced back over his shoulder as Joel walked out of sight. "I'm gonna go- I-"

"I understand. Goodbye! Uh- don't stay up too late, pay attention in class, and-" Jimmy laughed.

"I got it. Thanks." The dragonet turned around quickly and walked away so he wouldn't have to see his father flying away and potentially regret all of his life choices. "Joel- wait up-" Oh, he is- gone. Okay, this is fine, I can find my way around. Amethyst Winglet, right? Was it Ruby Winglet maybe- nope, Amethyst.

As he walked around, Jimmy noticed some incredibly interesting dragons walking the hallways with him- although it was hard to pinpoint a specific tribe to each dragon considering that all he knew of most other tribes were what he had read in books.

One of the more interesting dragons he saw was what appeared to be a SandWing dragonet with glasses, who had his wings tucked in and was practically pressed against the wall of the caves trying not to bump into anybody. Again, he did appear to be a SandWing dragonet, but some things about him didn't match the book description.

One of the less noticeable things were the odd cyan, brown and orange scales forming an odd gradient from his wingtips, starting with the cyan, which eventually faded back to the normal pale yellow SandWing scales.

Most noticeable were the antenna poking out of his forehead and the lack of a tail barb on the end of his tail.

Another interesting sight was an enthusiastic RainWing with a mix of red, yellow and blue scales, as well as slightly glowing white markings scattered all over, making Jimmy think that the other dragonet might have had some SeaWing heritage as well.

The RainWing was chattering excitedly to a dragonet who appeared to be a NightWing-SkyWing hybrid. He had dark red scales with gold and lighter shades of red and orange scattered all over, as well as black swirls on the undersides of his wings and an odd, strangely diluted (colour-wise) gold scale at the corner of his eye that was shaped somewhat like a teardrop.

All in all, very interesting dragons.

When he finally reached their sleeping cave, he was greeted by the sight of Joel talking to a SeaWing who had a crown balanced precariously on her horns.

She had dark blue scales with lighter blue and white scales scattered all over, bright blue eyes, and many ropes of pearls draped around her neck.

Princess Axolotl, presumably. "Uh... hi." He said quietly.

Joel broke off halfway through as sentence, turning to look at the tribrid with a slightly sheepish expression. "Oh- hey Jimmy! Sorry for- vanishing- this is Lizzie! She's in our winglet!"

There was a voice from behind Jimmy. "Technically it would be a wing, since there's only seven or less dragons in a winglet, but yes, she is." He turned around as the oddly coloured SandWing from earlier walked into the cave, looking around with a mildly confused expression before walking over and sitting down as far away from the others as he could.

It was also at this moment that Jimmy noticed that the dragonet's wings were relatively smaller than a regular dragon's.

Joel, who wasn't exactly subtle, stared. "Why do you have such small wings?"

The SandWing dragonet sighed. "They're not that small. Just like- a tiny bit smaller. And I don't know, I think it's to do with... SilkWing genes?" Ohhhh, he's a SilkWing-SandWing hybrid. He must be- what was the name of the Sand-Silk hybrid? "Like- I would have four pairs of wings if I was a SilkWing, so I guess I got the smaller pair of wings."

"Oh, cool! You're a hybrid? I know a hybrid." Joel's gaze flicked to Jimmy, and the other dragonet's gaze followed.

"Tribrid." The part SeaWing corrected him.

"Really? What tribes are you a mix of, if you don't mind me asking?" Before Jimmy could answer, the hybrid started figuring it out himself. "You have the build of a MudWing, but... slightly more slender, so there's definitely MudWing in there, so there must be something else... the prehensile tail makes me think RainWing, and the marking on the undersides of your wing and along your face and neck make me lean towards SeaWing, so... MudWing-RainWing-SeaWing?"

Jimmy blinked. "Wow, that was incredible- yes, I am. SandWing-SilkWing?" He queried, tilting his head slightly.

"Correct. My name is Pix. What's yours?"

"Jimmy!" The tribrid responded brightly.

"My name is Joel, and I'm one of the first MudWing animus... dragons." The MudWing added smugly as Jimmy winced slightly. Maybe you shouldn't go telling that to a dragon you just met-?

"Really. You." Pix said blankly, looking unimpressed but also slightly curious.

"Hey, I'm the next Dragonet of Destiny! Show some respect, desert-muncher!" Joel protested.

Jimmy sighed. "He doesn't mean that. He just gets annoyed when people insult his 'dragonet of destiny' status." He explained awkwardly to Pix.

"I... see." Pix looked Joel up and down with a mildly amused expression, but there was also something else that Jimmy couldn't quite read in his expression. "Well, it's lovely to meet you all. I think."

As Joel started an enthusiastic conversation with Pix, who looked mildly alarmed by the MudWing's sudden enthusiasm, Jimmy glanced back at Lizzie (he presumed Lizzie was a nickname for Axolotl)-

-and was surprised to find Lizzie staring right back at him, her neck at an odd angle as she attempted to look at the undersides of his wings. Jimmy closed his wings, and Lizzie blinked, appearing to be mildly embarrassed that she had been caught, and she looked away swiftly.


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