6:: The Return of Weird Princess

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The book was surprisingly helpful with caring for the poppy, and the red flower no longer looked like someone had thrown it into a desert.

It wasn't... flourishing, exactly, but it was growing, which was something at least. Unlike FWhip's wither rose (that was the name of it, apparently), which the SkyWing had ended up setting on fire only a day or two after Jimmy and Pix visited the library. Sausage had generously offered to let FWhip share his project so he wouldn't get in trouble with BDubs.

It was about a week later when he had another interaction with Lizzie (who had been avoiding him outside of class for some reason).

He was, yet again, sat in the sleeping cave. The tribrid was lying down with his tail curled around the plant pot and Jimmy was studying the book on plant care intensely.

Pix was sat nearby reading notes he had made after enthusiastically interviewing Cleo and a rather alarmed Xisuma.

Joel was attempting to write a list of something. He had begun the list trying to write with a quill and had eventually given up and begun dipping his claws in the ink pot instead of the feather. Jimmy had tried to read the list, but Joel was on the other side of the cave so it was nearly impossible- he'd just ask Joel later, he supposed (Joel was his best friend after all, so surely the MudWing would tell him).

Gem constantly moving around the pot with the dragonflame cacti as FWhip, who was sleeping next to her, was rolling around in his sleep and coming dangerously close to the explosive plant every time he did so.

Pearl was reading a history book by a HiveWing called Cricket and the book appeared to be about someone called Clearsight (an important Pantalan figure, Jimmy presumed).

Jimmy was reading the section on torchflowers, glancing between the drawing in the book and the potted plant next to the rock with a flat top that Pix slept on, when Lizzie walked into the cave.

She was clutching a scroll (why not a book?) in her claws and was looking around thoughtfully. The SeaWing princess smiled awkwardly as she spotted Jimmy, sitting next to him. Huh? That's not her spot. And- she's been avoiding me, why is she talking to me now?

"Heyy Jimmyy." The tribrid shot her an odd look.

"Uh... hey?" Jimmy blinked as Lizzie leaned over to look at what he was reading.

"Oh, plants! Very, uh, planty. Cool. I know a dragon who likes plants, she's uh- oh, she's right there, hi Pearl!" The LeafWing-SilkWiny she was referring to muttered a 'hi' with an amused expression, but she didn't take her gaze off of her book.

"...yep. I mean, I'm not- that interested in plants, but I don't want to let my poppy die and subsequently get killed by BDubs." Jimmy said with a laugh. Lizzie laughed as well, but her laugh was just a tad too high pitched.

"Ah, yeah, fair. So. Jimmy. I haven't really, uh, gotten to know you. So-" Jimmy cut her off.

"Because you've been avoiding me?" He said quietly, one eyebrow raised.

"I wouldn't say avoiding, I'd say, uh..." The princess trailed off into unintelligible mutterings for a moment before shooting another toothy grin in the other dragonet's direction. "So! Tell me about yourself. Specifically your family." Jimmy didn't miss the glance from Lizzie in the direction of his wings as she said this.

"My family?" The smaller dragonet echoed, and Lizzie nodded eagerly. "Oh, okay then- well, my father's a MudWing-RainWing hybrid called Caiman, he's great!"

Lizzie blinked. "And... your mother?" Oh, here we go.

"Not sure. I know she was a SeaWing-" Jimmy paused to flick to the next page of his book. "But my father won't even tell me her name. What about your family?" The tribrid added.

"Uh- well, I'm the daughter of Queen Amphirite and King Achelous, obviously. I don't- have any siblings, I don't think, but-" Jimmy let out a snort of laughter at the last part of her sentence.

"You don't think? How do you not know if you have siblings?" He asked, grinning.

Instead of laughing as well, Lizzie stared back at him. "Uh. Well. Long... story. Anyway, do you know anything about like- SeaWing markings? Maybe?" Jimmy shot her an incredulous look.

"No? Why would I? I've had zero SeaWing influence on my life, man. I was raised in the Mud Kingdom?" The two stared at each other for a moment, multiple scales along Lizzie's snout and wings lighting up, as the younger dragonet wondered if Lizzie might be a bit stupid.

"Well- do some research. I think- Joe mentioned something about it in class. Or the- the lame science teacher." The SeaWing finished lamely.

"You mean Mumbo? I don't think he's lame." Jimmy paused thoughtfully, turning to the next page of his book as his tail flicked back and forth. "A bit nervous talking to a large group of dragons maybe, but who isn't? Not lame."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever. Just- do some research." Lizzie huffed, adjusting her crown before getting to her feet and leaving the cave again. That was... weird. Jimmy watched as she disappeared around the corner, waiting until she was completely gone before making his way over to Joel.

"Hey, buddy. What are you writing?" The part MudWing asked curiously.

"Uh- list of spells I'm thinking of casting." Joel said brightly, tapping the list (which had multiple smudged talon prints on it that had clearly gotten there during the transition from quill to claws) with one claw. "Any suggestions?"

Jimmy paused, scanning the list.

'-Protect myself from any other animus magic
-A book that tells me all the answers in class
-A rock (?) that cleans the sleeping cave magically whenever I tap it'

There was also something at the bottom of the list that had been crossed out, but the only word that the tribrid could make out was 'remove', so he assumed it was something like 'remove all wrong answers from my homework' and ignored it.

"Uh... no suggestions. Maybe opt against the protect yourself from other animi though. All the ones I've met so far seem pretty chill." Joel shrugged at his friend's words.

"I guess."


Lizzie is being weird about Jimmy again this is fun

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Also yeah Mumbo's a science teacher now, he's a NightWing-SkyWing :D

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