4:: Flowers and Frost

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Jimmy's first interaction with Scott came a few days later, in their Botany class.

It was taught by two dragons- one was a somewhat grumpy-looking LeafWing with green and brown scales called BDubs, who was actually a lot more friendly than he looked (until you called him short, that is), and the other was a brightly coloured RainWing-SkyWing hybrid with red, yellow, blue and purple scales who went by the name of Grian (Well, technically Grian was the assistant teacher, but he still declared himself to be a regular teacher no matter how much BDubs denied it).

All the members of the class had been given a plant of some kind to care for, and BDubs was giving a lecture of sorts on how to care for plants while Grian went around and had a look at the plants that everyone had chosen.

Jimmy had chosen a dimly coloured poppy in a slightly cracked pot- it seemed like it needed someone to take care of it- and Joel chose a very small azalea bush.

Jimmy's choice of flower was where the problem arose.

The tribrid paused at a mildly annoyed huff from behind him. "Why did you copy me?" Jimmy turned around to see Scott watching him with a slightly irritated expression. The dragonet look down to see a white flowerpot with a (slightly more flourishing) poppy in it.

"Oh- I didn't... mean to? I just kind of picked this one. I didn't realise you picked it as well." Scott's expression softened slightly as he seemed to realise that Jimmy hadn't intended to annoy him (though the part-RainWing had no idea why anyone would be annoyed over a flower, of all things). "I can... pick a different one if you want?" I really don't want to get into an argument over a flower-

"No, it's fine, I just- don't like it when dragons copy me. Is all." The IceWing prince shot him a mildly confused look before shrugging. The two stared at each other for a moment before Scott carefully picked up his flowerpot and walked away to sit next to Xornoth, who was intensely studying an unidentified plant that consisted of an overflowing mess of red vines and flowers.

He glanced around the room, looking over the different kinds of plants people had chosen.

FWhip and Sausage both seemed to have chosen a darkly coloured rose, and they were enthusiastically talking about the coincidence. Gem was cradling a pot that dragonflame cacti in her claws and looking at FWhip with an apprehensive expression as she did so (Jimmy could only presume she was trying to figure out a way to keep the very flammable and explosive away from her twin- although it was mildly confusing that a dragonflame cacti was even an option).

Pearl had her tail wrapped around a pot containing a sunflower, and she was talking quietly to Shelby, who had picked a type of mushroom, and Katherine, who was watching her flowerpot of peonies out of the corner of her eye. As soon as Jimmy's gaze landed on them, Katherine looked away from her flowerpot and glanced back at the part SeaWing, who immediately turned his gaze to Pix and Joey, who were talking to Grian

Pix was quietly explaining the significance of torchflowers in the culture of the area he grew up in, and Joey, who was sat next to an already-cracked plantpot containing a very tiny pitcher plant, just looked happy to be talking to another hybrid.

Sat nearby were, last but not least, Joel and Lizzie, the latter of the two attempting to (for some reason) balance a plant pot (with a tiny spore blossom in it) on top of her head.

Jimmy let out a small laugh as it fell and Lizzie practically fell as well in a messy (but successful) attempt to catch it. The SeaWing princess shot him an odd look, shaking her head awkwardly and squinting at his wings again before looking away. Why does she keep-

The part-MudWing looked away with an awkward shrug in response to his own thoughts. She's kinda weird-

"Ooo, is that a poppy?" Jimmy glanced away from Lizzie to see his brightly coloured teacher approaching him, squinting at the flowerpot in the floor next to Jimmy's talons.

"Uh- yeah. It looked a bit... dead, so I kinda thought it needed a bit of looking after." Jimmy sighed awkwardly. "I thiiink it might be dead already, but-"

"I don't think so. Good colour choice as well. Red is a very good colour. Cool colour. My favourite colour, actually!" Grian added cheerfully, leaning down so that he was at eye level with the potted flower. "Nnope, it's alive. You are wrong." The hybrid pulled a face, wrinkling his snout as he scolded himself quietly. "No making fun of students, Grian." Was I meant to hear that?

"Uh... so it's not dead?" Jimmy queried.

"Nope. Very much alive. Which you should know, it's so obvious- nope, Grian, stop it-" The SkyWing hybrid let out a sigh through gritted teeth. "Well, good, uh- good luck? Yeah, that's the teacherly thing to say! Good luck looking after the poppy. Ooo, luck and looking, those words sound very similar, don't they?" The brightly coloured dragon muttered to himself as he walked away. He was... interesting. I can definitely see why he's only the assistant teacher, but he seems cool? I think?

Jimmy glanced around the classroom again, his gaze briefly landing on a few dragons from the Ruby Winglet that he didn't know (a NightWing with purple-black scales and white scales scattered across her scales like stars- he was pretty sure her name was Lauren or something-, for example, was watching her potted allium with an awed expression, as if it might sprout another flower at any moment).

He then glanced back at his own (still slightly wilted) poppy, wincing slightly. Hopefully I can keep this thing alive. Maybe I can ask Shelby for help.

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