7:: Magic Mangoes

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After spending an hour or two debating whether to research SeaWing markings, Jimmy sighed and got to his feet, leaving the cave and heading towards the library.

Jimmy shot an awkward smile at Etho as he entered the library, determined to find a book by himself (it looked as if Etho was busy talking to another student).

He paused as he approached the bookshelves, shooting another glance at the student conversing with the librarian as he realised it was Scott before turning back to the bookshelves.

Admittedly, the tribrid had zero idea on what system the library used to sort their books, but he was sure he could figure it out, right?

After a few more minutes of investigation, Jimmy came to the conclusion that the books and scrolls were sorted in alphabetical order (which was the logical assumption). He wasn't exactly sure whereabouts to check exactly- the 'S' section maybe? For 'SeaWing'?

Jimmy was attempting to reach up to the 'S' section, very aware of Etho's gaze tracking his every movement (or at least he was attempting to reach where he guessed the 'S' section would be) when FWhip burst into the library.

"Uh- Etho! Paper. Please! Maybe? I need paper. Preferably the non flammable kind." Jimmy spun around to stare at the ruby red SkyWing, falling over as he did so. This dragged FWhip's attention to the tribrid. "Oh, hi Jimmy! You might wanna go check on Joel, he's being chased by an enchanted mango- thank you, Etho!" The dragonet added brightly as Etho produced some paper, snatching it off of him and retreating to a secluded corner of the library sheltered by a few large leaves stuck to the wall.

Joel's being chased by a what now? Jimmy abandoned his search for any form of information, getting to his feet and making his way over to FWhip, who was hastily scribbling something down on the piece of paper the librarian had given him with a quill and some ink. "Hey, uh- what did you say about Joel and magic mangoes?" The tribrid asked slowly.

FWhip paused. "Oh, yeah. Ge- a dragon I know made the oh so foolish mistake of granting me animus powers for a whole hour, and Joel was doing his 'dragonet of destiny' rant so I enchanted a mango to float and follow Joel around, and also Joel can't destroy it. It won't even touch him, it just follows him." The dragonet said with a snort of laughter.

"Oh. So is that why you need the paper? To enchant... stuff? While you only have an hour?" The part MudWing queried, curious.

"Yep. Enchanting this to give me all the answers to homework andddd-" FWhip paused thoughtfully as he finished writing on the first piece of paper. "Erase the writing on it when I tap on it and say 'erase'. I've also enchanted my earring-" The firescales SkyWing tapped his emerald earring lightly, and Jimmy could only assume the gold attaching it to FWhip's ear was enchanted to not melt. "-to make me immune to mind readers, cause apparently there's a couple here."

"There is?" Jimmy asked slowly, trying to think of the few NightWings (NightWings were the mind reading ones, right?) and/or NightWing hybrids he had seen. Katherine maybe? No, she doesn't seem like she does. Sausage? Sausage can see the future- supposedly- but he didn't say anything about mind readying. Xornoth? Maybe? He's weird, I don't know him too well so I can't tell.

"Yep. Supposedly, anyway, but better safe than sorry. My bets are on Scott's half brother." Jimmy didn't miss the glance from Scott, who had found a book and was reading quietly in the corner, in their direction as FWhip said this. "He's half NightWing, right? And he's creepy."

"I guess so, yeah. Well, I have a book to look for, so I'll... get back to that now." The part SeaWing said awkwardly.

"Have fun." FWhip muttered as Jimmy walked away, leaving Jimmy to wonder who the animus was that had granted FWhip temporary powers.

After a few more minutes of searching and being given judging looks from the IceWing prince nearby, Jimmy found a book (in a completely different section, so he was wrong about that) about the anatomy of tribes and scale appearance.

The part RainWing flicked through pages for a few moments, glancing over various notes about the average wingspan of a SkyWing, or the chance of a SilkWing being born with flamesilk, or the percentage of the SandWing population that were hatched without tail barbs, before he found the section on SeaWings.

After scanning through paragraphs about scale patterns, eye colours and a genetic mutation leaving some SeaWings without webbed talons, he finally found the part about wing markings.

'There are multiple variations of markings on the wings of all who have SeaWing descent, such as hybrids- or even tribrids. Members of the royal family have glowing spiral and starburst markings on the undersides of their wings, while most non-royal SeaWings have smaller starbursts and no spiral patterns.

These patterns can come mixed with other variations of even more patterns (starburst markings interlocking at different angles to make a whorl-like arrangement), however for members of the royal family, the royal markings will always be prevalent, no matter what other genetic traits they may have in relation to markings.'

Huh. Why on earth would Lizzie want him to look at this? It... didn't seem particularly relevant. Yes, he knew slightly more about SeaWing markings now and he would absolutely be taking that book back to his cave to study all the tribes in detail, but it was nothing to do with him.

Jimmy glanced back at FWhip, who was furiously scrawling a long, long spell (presumably a very specific one) down on a piece of paper. Wonder what spell he's writing. He blinked as he heard an irritated screech from Joel that was presumably nearby.


As Jimmy got up, picking up the book and shooting an awkward smile at Etho as he left, he decided that he would probably get rid of the mango later (FWhip had said that Joel was the only one that couldn't touch the mango, after all), but he'd leave it for a bit.

After all, he was curious as to what Joel getting chased by a mango looked like.

FWhip pestered Gem till she gave him animus powers for an hour and now Joel has a mango following him around, 10/10, good job FWhip

Anyways Jimmy knows about royal markings now so 👍

If the book he's reading existed, I would read the hell out of it

Anyways, comments and votes are appreciated <3 :]

Sorry for any errors I don't proofread ahdhiwodkw

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