Chapter 1 (Edited)

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The ringing of my alarm woke me up at six AM sharp and my eyes fluttered open, I sighed and flung the quilt off of my body letting my feet touch the cold concrete. The basement wasn't an ideal place for someone to sleep during the winter, but it was my room and I was grateful that I even had one. Before I could take more than three steps towards the stairs I felt an overwhelming pressure starting in the center of my forehead, my brother was trying to speak to me through our mind link.


I didn't reply, he knew I was listening.

'I need you upstairs, now.'

I slipped on a pair of pants and a shirt from the floor of my room, I didn't usually have time to brush through my hair so it didn't come as a surprise to me when I felt the matting in the back of my head. I grabbed a water bottle from under my bed and started up the stairs.

"Kale," I greeted him with a bow.

"Alpha Lican is coming back tonight from his meeting in Iowa, we expect the house to be nothing but presentable by tonight. You will not be attending school today, I suggest you get to work now."

"But-" I opened my mouth to protest and was instantly met with the back of his hand. My head whipped to the left and I felt warm liquid fill my mouth. I jiggled my tooth with my tongue, spitting it into my hand feeling another one growing in immediately. 

When I looked up he was turned on his heel and walking down the hallway towards his room. I stood in place, my fingernails cutting into the palms of my hand before following orders and descending the stairs towards the cleaning closet.

The alpha was a male, a man of 20 years old, his father passed away and in doing so, passed the title of Alpha onto his only born son. I was the sister of the only living son of the Beta of the pack, our parents went missing, and when it was determined they were dead around my seventh birthday, my brother was pronounced Beta at the age of nine. Since then, he's been working under the thumb of both the Alpha and his deceased predecessor.

The three strongest families of the pack resided in the pack house, there were five tiers to the house of Lycans. The first tier was the Alpha family, there the Alpha oversees everything from the perimeter line to the cul-de-sac of houses in our community. Next came the second tier which belonged to the Beta family, the Beta works directly underneath the Alpha, seeing that the orders are followed and even giving orders of his or her own accord. The third tier was the pack warriors, they were there for the protection of the families and the children of the Alpha and of the Beta. Level four was where the omegas were stationed, omegas were there to carry out regular orders for the good of the pack, making themselves appear normal to humans and give the impression that Lycans or 'night monsters' weren't real. The last and final tier of the house was for the pack shaman, the wisest and eldest pack warrior, whose position it was to provide insight and advice for the Alpha. The pack Shaman was also capable of taking an Alpha's place in an Elder meeting, should that event ever arise.

I was part of the second strongest family in the pack, yet I slept in the basement. My brother called me weak, and the other lycans I attended school with looked down on me, as a weak link in a pack of Lycans was unheard of.

I felt my teeth elongating and I stopped my anger from surfacing, it was dangerous. I had changed form or 'shifted' as my brother called it, on my fifteenth birthday. It was agony, feeling my bones break and change into those of a wolf, which made the experience both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. It was the anger I couldn't break past, it surfaced quickly and made itself known. The savage part of me reveled in the anger and wanted to dominate my psyche...but the part of me that was still human knew better.

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