Chapter 5 (Part 1)[Edited]

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One year.

The day had finally come where it'd been one full year without her here. Alpha Drew didn't permit anyone to use her name. The note she left was insult enough, he'd said.

I sighed as I took in my surroundings. Drew had given the order to build new houses for the members of the pack as the pack house had become more like a barn than anything else. In some sort of sick sympathy for me, Drew had given me the first choice of land. I chose the land furthest from the house, it was an impractical choice for the Beta of the pack but I didn't care to step foot in the pack house again.

Within the year that I'd had to review my actions, Drew had wiped out all of his father's subordinates, implemented new laws and even demoted some of the pack members. Casey had made it so that her sister was the pack treasurer and in doing so, the pack had suffered tremendous financial loss. Of course as the Beta it was my job to nod and respectfully agree with the Alpha, and I fulfilled my duties well.

At night, the terrified screams of the surrounding packs would fill the land as Drew ordered more and more attacks against the packs which refused to join us. This pack was no longer a family, just a colony of strangers shoved within a small confinement of space forced to cooperate with one another in order to survive.

This was not the way the Gods intended for us to use our powers, but who was I to judge the Alpha based on his decisions. I was a hypocrite, using my rogue tendencies to overpower those who I knew were weaker than I was. Drew had sent me to the front lines for our pack, and I was the leader of the multiple pack raids which were ordered by the Alpha. I'd brought countless Lycans in front of the Alpha, only to watch them be executed moments later.

My blood pumped with adrenaline every time my nose caught a scent of blood and I never slept due to the fact that I never stopped thinking. The first time Drew ordered me to the front I refused, I knew it was wrong, what he was asking of me, but nevertheless he was the Alpha and his orders were to be followed through even if I disagreed.

When the time came to sleep, their eyes haunted me, they were cold and lifeless and they stared at me with such intensity it was as if I'd taken their life once again. Eventually I started volunteering to go on pack raids and soon I was the leader of them, tearing through bodies and igniting fires within their lands. The primal side of me craved more and more and soon the thirst for blood became insatiable, no longer were we running night raids, I'd convinced the Alpha that more land was attainable all because I was unable to keep my blood lust under control.

That night as I was packing my gear for the routine raid I heard a knock on my door. Weaving my way through cluttered boxes, I managed to make my way to the front door.

"Hey," she breathed as she brushed some hair from her face to the side, shivering in the cold breeze.

I didn't respond, instead I opened the door further for her to enter and so she did.

"I, uh...sorry there's not much for you to sit on-" I fumbled about the room and she smiled, putting her hands up in the air as if to say that it was alright.

"No, really it's fine Kale, I think it would be best if I just came right out and said it." I nodded and crossed my arms, waiting for her to proceed.

"Last month, when you came to the pack house to sort out living arrangements and we... well, Kale, I'm pregnant." She sighed and placed a hand over her stomach.

I looked in her eyes and then back down to her stomach, a child? I shook the thought from my head before speaking, 

"You'd better...get back to the house, it's almost time for runners to leave." I responded before grabbing my pack and brushing past her for the door, leaving her standing there.

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