Chapter 13 (Edited)

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I paced my room impatiently. Many of my men grew more and more anxious as I continued to do this but all I could think about was the sound of the whip hitting fresh flesh.

When I stood, Ares was heading into the room with Alex and some man who wore a velvet cloak similar to Ares' except it was a deep violet color. I still couldn't believe there was a god roaming my halls, but more than that I couldn't believe the council had just whipped my mate.

Danielle was said to have enormous strength and incredible stamina so why hadn't she stopped her punishment? My only conclusion was that she didn't want to soil her pack's reputation by refusing an order by the court of Council. Even then, to go through all that pain, the pack must have meant a great deal to her.

I took a step forward to follow Alex and the others when Alpha Jason placed a hand on my chest, shaking his head when I looked to him.

"Might be a better idea to just let them have this one."

I furrowed my brow before removing his hand from me and leaving hastily.

I stripped myself of my shirt as I descended the stairs, passing several pack members piling back into the house.

Rushing past them, I shifted into my wolf form as I charged towards the woods.

Memories surged through my mind as various twigs and leaves snagged in my fur, voices clouded my mind and I pushed further into the woods.

I eventually came to a clearing near the western perimeter and I panted as my eyes took in a small pond, small flowers and a full moon reflecting from its water.

As I began to catch my breath I noticed that I was alone. Truly, there was no one following me, no guards, no pack runners, not even a member of the guest pack.

I let out a sigh as my body suddenly started to feel relieved, in turn it left me surprised. Not once since the death of my father, had I been alone truly.

Whether it be a woman, a guard, my Beta...or even my mother, they were always close to me.

It was here that I finally felt as though I were strong, but in my the back of my mind I knew that it wasn't true. I'd grown weak, my muscle tone had decreased and my beast seemed to have shrunk as well. I couldn't bother to look at myself in human form, I knew I looked terrible.

When Danielle came back into my life, I didn't know how much else she was bringing along with her.

She'd changed, in her overall demeanor and her ranking. The way she moved, effortlessly and also with confidence made my beast want to trust her. Her training had paid off immensely, her strength was nearly quadrupled within the four years she'd been gone.

The thought of her body made me excited, a sort of possessive side of my beast came to surface when I watched her in action. I didn't expect these feelings to subside, after all it was written that we were to be betrothed from before birth and I still wasn't sure if her lineage changed things or not.

In any case, I knew I wasn't going to earn her back while I looked the same as I had before she left, a Luna deserves an Alpha.


It'd been weeks since the last time I felt the outside world, let alone left the pack house.

The events of the previous weeks flashed in my mind and I sighed as I turned to face the window, finding Ares and my men conversing.

The weeks leading up to my recovery had been hard, and I'd had a lot to think about since the night of my misfortune.

I was trapped in a large room, on the Shaman's floor bound to bed rest and limited mobility and it was miserable.

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