Chapter 18 (Edited)

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I paced my room for what seemed like hours before I'd finally had enough of the abnormal silence that plagued my mind.

I rushed down the stairs and out through the front gates, ridding myself of my shirt before sprinting towards the clearing to the west of my lands.

Running was something I enjoyed thoroughly, and I didn't even have to be in my lycan form either. There was freedom in running, which was something I sought for so long whether it be as my position as Alpha or my relationship with Cassie.

I'd never felt as though I could truly be free in my own mindset, my vanity got in the way of everything and so I dated who everyone thought I should and played sports everyone deemed appropriate. I even went so far as to choose my friends witch such arrogance, ultimately that very mindset cost me something most dear to me.

I finally stopped once the burning in my lungs told me to do so, slowing to a walk and finally placing my hands on the top of my head to steady my breathing.

The night before was something I'd never experienced with anyone in all my life, and I found myself trying to replay the events over and over to no avail. A moment like that could never be replayed, only reenacted.

Her laugh, gods she could have him on her knees in seconds with a laugh like that and the way her hair fell down to the small of her back made it impossible to think. I smiled as I recalled the memory of her drunken state, giggling like a schoolgirl as we tried to descend the stairs.

Dani was quiet, reserved...formal. I wanted that to change desperately but I needed her to trust me, without booze and without a clouded judgement. I'd made a grave mistake long ago, and I knew it might take forever to get her to love me, and to accept me as not only her mate but as the love of her life.

The way the Alpha's son talked to her in my room made me uneasy and protective. He may be Alpha Jason's son through adoption but he was no where near the level of Alpha out of all of his brothers. I was jealous, I knew that much after she'd spoken about him so fondly in my office but listening to her speak made it all the more worth it even if she was speaking about her ex.

My thoughts came to a halt as I felt panic building near the pack house and I felt my heart racing as I turned quickly and sprinted in the direction of those very emotions.

I stopped to sniff the air once I'd reached one of the houses closest to the gates.


My adoration for Dani was soon replaced with rage at the very notion of rogues in my territory and as I started running for the house I'd shifted into my wolf in the same moment. Upon arriving, I found that my men were already fighting multiple rogues and Alpha Jason's men had joined in protecting the house.

One of them charged for me and I kicked them up and over my head hearing them land on their back before once again they were on their feet. We stalked each other for a few moments, sizing one another up and I noticed he was not a large wolf but a rather small one. In his previous pack he must have been a low ranking lycan, this would be easy.

I tore through various rogues until suddenly two of them pounced on top of me and I struggled to fight the both of them at once. As the gray beast was about to snap down on my neck I felt the weight of him flying backwards soon followed by the next.

I shook my pelt once and stood, observing the nine foot beast in front of me. It was Dani, there was no doubt about that. Her lycan was the largest I'd ever seen and her pelt was black with hints of red here and there.

Her anger quickly took action as she ripped the gray wolf in half with her claws, while the other one grabbed her leg with it's jaws. I listened as the ripping of flesh resounded while she pulled him from her leg and he brought a chunk of it with him.

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