Chapter 16 [Part 1](Edited)

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Danielle had sprinted from the house as if I'd just told her I was a carrier of cholera.

Of course, I knew she still needed time to mourn the loss of her brother and I was still working on getting the approval from her family to start to pursue her.

I was an impatient man, I could at least admit to that much however I didn't even know how to go about wooing her.

From a young age, even I could have most women falling off of their feet but with Dani...I wanted to make things right and I yearned for that opportunity more than anything in this world.

I picked up the lion plushie from the floor of the room, smiling as I recalled the day Kale and I went looking for such a toy.

Laura was upset because he didn't spend enough time at home, and as a result she'd kicked him out of the house. He wasn't thrilled about that, but with a little persuasion I'd managed to get him to at least apologize with flowers and a gift for his son.

Surprisingly, he obliged me and walked back into the house where Laura and Owen were resting on the couch in the living room. I almost laughed at the infuriated look on his face, telling me that he thought we'd done all of that for nothing.

I scooped up the toy and walked back towards the house, whistling with a hand in my pocket and the plushie in the other.

As I neared the house, a white Lexus drove up next to me and I fought the urge to be impolite.

"Drew!" Casey's voice shrilled from the car as she slowed down to keep with my pace.

I acknowledged her presence with my eyes, but not my words which seemed to displease her as she cut the engine to her car and got out.

Well, she stumbled on her heels to be exact.

"Drew wait, we need to talk." She crossed her arms and stepped in front of me.

"Cassie, I appreciate you talking to me but right now isn't a good time. Why don't we schedule something for later in the week alright?" I suggested, attempting to be civilized.

To my understanding, she hadn't taken our separation well. I didn't exactly blame her, I did mark her and promise her the title of Luna when I was a stupid boy with only one thing on my mind. Still, it made me sad to see the flicker of hope in her eyes when I called her by her nickname, Cassie. That habit would die slowly I supposed.

"Schedule? Drew you don't need to schedule anything, we can talk right here." She flirted as she touched my jaw and I recoiled.

"Cassie I really don't think that this is appropriate-"

She placed a finger over my lips and I raised my eyebrows at her.

"You're not really going to leave me for that freak are you? She was nothing to you and you said so yourself, Drew."

I shook my head and pushed past her with my shoulder, making her gasp and stutter in response.

"Go home, Casey. That is an order." I spoke without turning around to face her.

What she said next I did not hear, for I noticed a car outside of the pack house.


"What are you doing here?" Alpha Jason questioned.

"Well I am back from patrol of course." He smiled, to which the Alpha furrowed his brow.

"I put you in charge of running the lands while I was away, and you just left them unattended?"

Takeo shook his head, his smile falling from his face slowly.

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