Chapter 15 (Edited)

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"Looks like you're in good condition, don't be alarmed but your muscle tone has decreased a little since your recovery."

Doctor Vikis poked and prodded at my scars and watched for any signs of discomfort, when he saw that there were none he smiled broadly.

"I suppose you can start to change"

I whipped around quickly to face him, making him laugh at the look that must have been plastered on my face.

"You''re serious?" I questioned, I must have been dreaming.

He chuckled as he signed off on a piece of paper, handing it to me as quickly as he ripped it from his notepad.

"Dead serious."

The note was scribbled down quickly, but legibly enough to let my Alpha know that I was to begin training once more.

"Thank you, you have no idea how much this means to me." I spoke breathlessly.

"Well, I think I have some idea. You did hound me for weeks throughout your recovery after all."

I laughed lightly, extending my hand to him.

He shook his head and brought me into a quick embrace, catching me off guard.

"Come now Danielle, we are practically family after all we've been through." He teased.

I smiled and nodded as I pushed my hair back behind my ear and moved towards the door.

"Thank you...again." I spoke before letting myself out and rushing down the stairs.

Alpha Jason was busy speaking to someone as I almost literally bounced up to him.

"I just think you-" He stopped his conversation and turned to face me, a smile on his face.

"Hello Danielle, you look as though you've just received some good news."

I thrust the paper into his hands, waiting for him to finish reading the words of the doctor before he shrugged and sighed.

"Welcome back, running commander." He placed a hand on my shoulder, opening up the mind link I shared with my men once more.

I felt relieved, I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt to have my place back in pack life.

Owen bounced over to me in an instant, Ares traveling close behind.

"Dani, Dani! Is it true, are you going to be running commander again?" Owen questioned.

I smiled sheepishly, looking to Ares who sighed and shrugged.

"It is my job to know everything that goes on with the pack, how could I not be the first to know of your reinstatement?"

I bent down and brought the drawing out from my back pocket, showing it to Owen.

"Have you been working on your art while I've been away?" I smiled, pinching his arm playfully.

"No." He spoke suddenly and I was a little take aback by this.

"Ares has been helping me train, I want to be like you...and papa."

My heart wrenched as I heard him speak of Kale and I nodded before ruffling his hair and standing, meeting eyes with my father.

"I need to speak with you."

He nodded, telling Owen to go find something to do and led me towards the living room.

"The need to watch him, Kale was young when he had his first shift he may be the same as he has the same genetics."

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