Chapter 12 (Edited)

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I shook my head as the men from Danielle's squad talked amongst themselves.

"Where does that door lead?" One of her men pointed towards the basement door suddenly.

I opened my mouth to answer him before the sound of footsteps ascending the stairway from behind the door interrupted me.

We all took defensive stances as the footsteps neared the entrance. 

The door opened and a man stepped out, he was dressed in armor and he appeared to be non-threatening.

The only problem was, I didn't know him.

"Present yourself." One of the men spoke.

In that moment, Danielle appeared behind the man and stepped out from the stairwell.

"Running commander." All men spoke at once before bowing.

She held her hand up and they all rose, standing at attention.

"This is Ares, God of war, son of Zeus and holder of one of the twelve Olympic seats. He is here to assist us in our training. Ares is my father, and I expect him to receive the proper treatment of a god." She nodded.

The men all looked puzzled, as if she'd just told them a terrible joke.

Before they could answer, Alpha Jason called from the top of the stairs.

"He's awake!"

We all looked amongst each other before Danielle rushed up the stairs first, Ares following and her runners after them both.

I walked up the stairs slowly, every step feeling heavier than the last.

As I neared the doorway, I found Danielle was the first to greet Alpha Jason before entering the room.

They exchanged a few words in private before he let her enter the room, followed by Ares and the men.

Alpha Jason turned to face me before speaking.

"He doesn't remember much, but the boy is badly maimed."

I furrowed my brow in confusion.

"Maimed? You mean these rogues marked him before he met his death?" I questioned.

The Alpha nodded, opening the door further before gesturing for me to enter.

I cleared my throat and straightened out my clothing before walking into the room.

Danielle sat next to Owen who was now sitting up, nodding his head at something she had said.

Alpha Jason hadn't lied when he said he was badly maimed. The boy's left eye had a nasty scar run through it, his bandaged shoulder and leg appeared to be healing but...even I knew the boy would never fully recover.

I approached the bedside before clearing my throat, watching as Owen's eyes widened and he scrambled to reach me.

Danielle looked between the two of us before standing and leaving space for me to sit.

"Owen, I'm so sorry." I spoke, shaking my head in shame.

He said nothing and I continued to speak.

"Your mom and you know what happened to them?" I asked.

He nodded his head slowly, bringing his hands up to his eyes and examining them. Scabs and bruises painted the surface of his skin.

"You're going to be living here with us now, your father was my best friend so I will be taking responsibility for you." I placed a hand on his shoulder, the first time since his birth that I'd touched him.

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