Chapter 9 (Edited)

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I cursed as I slipped my clothes on, for Drew had called me into his office early.

I glanced at the clock, three AM.

Cursing once more, I slipped my shoes on along with a jacket before turning back to my family sleeping in my bed. Placing a hand on my son's shoulder, I gazed at him once more before quietly exiting the room.

I made my way past the darkened plains which were once lit by various houses and light posts, now only the moon and stars lit the road.

Upon arriving at the pack house I felt a deep anger building within myself, and for what? I did not know.

I raised my hand to knock on the Alpha's door when it swung open and I was brought inside by my collar.

Drew sat me down in a chair and placed his arms on either side of my chair, this was not good.

"Do you have anything to say for yourself?" He asked, malice laced in his words.

I didn't speak.

"You mean to tell me that this, is real?" He growled, shoving a piece of paper into my chest.

I held the paper in my hand and read it to myself.

'Little Alpha, Little Alpha

Can't you see?

How lucky am I, to be me?

To be seated at your right hand,

To hear your secrets, well that's just as grand.

Little Alpha, Little Alpha

Help is coming

But don't you see?

Betrayal is numbing.'

The note was written in script, familiar handwriting graced the piece of paper and I felt my hand gripping onto it tighter.

The left side of my face stung suddenly,

"It was you wasn't it? You're the reason that this pack has become so deplorable!" The Alpha swung his fist once more before I caught it with my hand.

"The reason your precious pack has fallen is because of your stubbornness and greed. You chose a whore over a sensible leader, a girl you knew was made for you. Don't blame me or anybody else for your misgivings, regardless of whether or not that note is true."

I let go of his wrist and straightened myself out before standing.

"You are delusional. I don't know what happened to you after your wretched sis-"

Before I could stop myself, I delivered a blow to the right side of my Alpha's face.

He hit the desk, moving it back a couple of feet before sitting himself upright and extending his claws.

If I lost this fight, I would lose everything.

I extended my claws and circled him before he lunged forward, I moved to his left before kicking him in his ribcage and moving him over a few inches.

He snarled at me, backing towards the windows and I charged him headfirst taking no consideration for my own life as I ran us both out of the window and down onto the ground.

I felt my wrist snap and I howled before standing on my feet and becoming aware of my surroundings, Drew was on the ground still, shaking his head and standing wobbly to his feet.

He charged me once more and tackled me to the ground.

Hearing his bones crack further, I knew the Alpha's beast was mainly responsible for the punishment I was receiving.

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