Chapter 23 (Edited)

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The executions were held promptly, Takeo's followers had no words for themselves or anyone else and their deaths were quick.

Soon enough we'd all gathered around the dark ditch where Dani's casket laid in the ground.

She received the burial of a proper high ranking Lycan and I found myself unable to bear it any longer as everyone finished their words about her.

I stood and cleared my throat gathering everyones's attention.

"I wil be the first to admit that I never made the right choices, nor the smartest but wanting to repair my relationship with my mate was something I will never regret. She was the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen in all my life and I couldn't help but feel that I squandered that opportunity. Gods, she was unlike anything I'd ever seen so strong and courageous yet gentle she was hard to read at times but I liked that about her. She never made things easy."

A few people laughed, including Alpha Jason and Alex.

"I am sorry that I never got to know her past the woman she was when she came to my pack's aid. I wanted to explore that part of her that she never showed to anyone, I wanted her to be vulnerable with me. Her death was untimely, sorrowful but not in vain she died for a larger cause and for that we should all praise her even in death."

I picked up a handful of dirt and threw it into the ditch, on top of the casket and sighed as I continued my eulogy.

"Goodbye, Danielle Rover I will miss you so as will everyone else. I- I love you, and I'm not sure that those feelings will ever subside."

I bowed my head and turned back towards my seat, a few others followed my words and made their own speech until it came time to cover the casket.

Alex, Nile and Jacob did the honors in burying her and I looked on with tears brimming my eyes before placing my sunglasses over my eyes and following everyone in returning to the house.

I hated goodbyes, especially when they were for forever.


I groaned as I sat up from the cold ground, feeling the aches in my body start to subside as I did so and eventually my mobility returned as well.

"Hello?" I called out into the thick darkness only to receive no answer.

As I took a step forward three torches lit up, startling me and before I could retreat back into the darkness there were torches on either side of my body lighting up a large hallway.

My heartbeat pounded in my ears and I took a stance, ready to fight whatever it was that was going to leap out from the darkness.

"Danielle Rover." I heard a voice calling from the end of the hallway of torches and I found my balled up fists releasing at my sides.

"Ares?" I called and he emerged from the dark corridor, smiling and extending his hand to me.

"What are you doing here? What am I doing here? Where am I?" All these questions which swam through my brain suddenly poured out of my mouth and he held a finger to his mouth as if to tell me to keep quiet.

We neared the end of the hallway and he pushed the large dark oak doors open revealing the brightest light I'd seen, or perhaps it was just my eyes adjusting to the light from being in the dark for so long.

"Welcome to Olympus." Ares smiled as I opened my eyes, taking in the large marble pillars and floors, a long red carpet hugged the stone and led right to the thrones of the Olympians.

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