Chapter 6 (Part 2)[Edited]

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I looked at myself in the mirror, my lacerations from training peeking through the thin shirt that continued to slip off of my shoulders. Running my hands down my newly toned body I felt myself recoiling in disgust. I scoffed at myself and shook my head as I grabbed a towel for my shower.

Upon entering the shower I sighed and felt the steam fill my lungs before the scalding water hit my back and my shoulders relaxed.

Today was the day that I would be accepted into the pack, not only as a member, but as their running commander.

Months ago there had been another attack, this time by the rogues. They wanted to take the young and make them into 'warriors'. We'd lost many men in the battle and it was all because I wasn't allowed to shift in fear that my beast would emit too much power for the land to contain.

The night was long and bloody, I never once released my beast and I managed to take down twenty of the rogues before the battle was won.

The following day many pack members approached me and thanked me for my service to them, this was not an uncommon thing, I found, and upon returning to the house I shared with Hannibel I was surprised to find the Alpha there.

"Alpha," I bowed in respect.

"Danielle," he smiled.

"Ah Dani, good you're here, come and have a seat." Hannibel nodded, gesturing to the seat across from him.

I complied and took my seat before the Alpha spoke,

"Danielle, I admire your perseverance, bravery and honesty. You are a warrior in every sense of the word, your stamina is equivalent to that of my eldest son and your strength is incomprehensible both emotionally and physically. It is with great honor and dignity that I extend my arm to you and ask you to take the position as our equal...not only as that, but as our new running commander." 

I felt my heart race and I shifted uncomfortably in my chair before clearing my throat,

"I accept your offer, Alpha, and I will see to it that your men are trained fairly and equally."

We both stood and he extended his arm, I grabbed his forearm and he did the same before he placed a hand on my shoulder and leaned in, pressing his forehead to mine and sealing our mind link.

I closed my eyes as I felt his mind opening up to mine, grief and love, sadness and glee, it was like night and day and I could only imagine what he was receiving from my mind.

He pulled away and nodded once at me before smiling and speaking,

"Tomorrow at dusk we will hold a ceremony, for our new running commander."

He thanked Hannibel for his time before shaking his hand and making his way towards the pack houses.

"Danielle? Surely you're excited?" Hannibel smiled, lighting his pipe with his finger as he used an Ignifran spell.

"Of course, I just didn't expect my rank to be so high after only being here for a year." I sighed as a took a seat once more.

"You have to open yourself up to the idea that people admire you, Danielle, the Alpha consulted with many pack members before making his decision and they all agreed you were the right candidate." Hannibel spoke before puffing his pipe and taking his leave.

I sat back in my chair and contemplated his words. Yes, it was true that I'd been distancing myself from the pack, most people who passed me waved or even gave me things. Many of the warriors had taken to calling me Imperiae Tenbri which translates to daughter of darkness and power.

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