Chapter 21 (Edited)

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The word was ugly, but promising.

Adachi didn't have but three men while we had the Ruber Ventus warriors and Drew was kind enough to lend us his men as well.

We all piled into the cars as fast as we could upon briefing everyone on the mission.

I was driving in front, Drew in the passenger seat and Nile and Jake in the back while Alex traveled behind us.

We'd left a few men behind to guard the house and the community, reluctantly they stayed and we drove like mad men.

I wasn't going to let anyone else die on my watch, my Alpha was the reason for my being and I was going to save his life.

There was a possibility of being baited of course, we could be falling right into Adachi's sick trap but as far as I was concerned none of that mattered.

Takeo knew what something such as this meant for himself and his followers and I had no quarrel with going to war with a sadistic rhetogre such as him.

'Half an hour out, do not attack unless provoked.' I spoke through the link connecting myself and my men who no doubt reiterated my words to Drew's men.

"Dani." Drew spoke and I turned to face him for a moment.

He grabbed my hand, the knuckles which gripped the steering wheel were so white that the wheel itself had become dented.

I loosened my grip as we neared the territory and my guard was up.

"My men are going into noctidium, they will continue by foot from here on out. When we get to ten minutes out I will follow them and enter the perimeter. You will follow with Nile, Jake and Alex and the men from your pack when you're five minutes out."

Drew looked conflicted but nodded nevertheless.

"Fifteen minutes." Jake spoke and I nodded, ridding myself of my layer of clothing and bending down to take my shoes off.

I pulled over quickly as did the rest of the brigade and hopped out of the vehicle, Drew walked over to the drivers side and caught my hand as I walked towards the perimeter of the houses.


"If I never get to be beside you ever again, if I never get to see your gorgeous eyes light up with laughter, if I never get to love you the way you deserve to be loved...I need to do this."

Before I could question him further, he pressed his lips against mine, his hands going to the sides of my face deepening the kiss.

I felt my hands slip into his hair and he grabbed my waist firmly as he worked his lips against mine.

Finally we broke apart and he rested his head against mine for a moment.

"Gods, I have to do that again." He smiled before pressing another kiss to my lips and letting my wrist leave his hand.

"I'll be seeing you, Drew." I spoke, letting my eyes linger on him for a moment longer.

I approached the perimeter slowly at first until I realized it was empty, I gave the signal to my men and the cars to follow.

Eventually everyone was on foot and we reached the doors to the house where screams of torture could be heard.

"They're baiting us." Nile cursed as did Jake who looked as if he was ready to break down the doors at any given moment.

I waited for a moment longer, listening to the screams fade before nodding at my men.


Everything happened so quickly, my men infiltrated the house and we came upon Michael first he was face down in his own puddle of blood.

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