Chapter 7 (Edited)

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I smiled as my warriors stood before me, each of them panting and swinging their arms back and forth.

"Don't tell me you're tired," I smirked as I crossed my arms.

Almost immediately they all stood up straighter and let out a simultaneous shout of protest.

"Well I am less than pleased to say that we will be going on a mission soon. One of our own, a girl, was stolen. Her name is Sam and she is seventeen. She belongs to the Turley family, her brothers scoured to the perimeters but caught no scent so the Alpha wants us all to go on a run tonight in our Noctidium."

I passed out the picture of our victim and dismissed them for the evening, our Noctidium was a night protection spell that Hannibel had conjured for the warriors. No matter what color the wolf you would be turned as black as night and remain undetectable until the spell was broken.

It was one of my favorites.

I walked towards the main gate of the Alpha's house, and I felt myself being followed. I smiled before turning to greet him.

"Alex," I laughed and he shook his head before rolling his eyes and sighing in defeat.

"Your reflexes are impeccable as always," he wrapped his arm around my shoulder as we walked to his father's chambers.

Alex and I had grown close in the two years that I had been training the pack warriors, he had been good to me on and off of the field. I never thought I would be able to grow close with anyone but my mate, but Alex was different, he and I shared values and interests and he treated me as if I was valuable.

Which was something I had to get used to.

"Danielle," Alpha Jason greeted me as I entered his chambers.

"Alpha," I bowed in respect and listened to him scoff before he pushed me up by my shoulders.

"No need for formalities, you are practically family." He laughed and turned his back before clasping his decanter and refilling his glass.

"Alpha I came here to inform you that my warriors are ready to go when you give the order. I have filled them in on our situation and they will be under Noctidium while we are away." I stood and looked straight ahead as I said this.

"Come and sit," he spoke.

I took my place on the couch and cleared my throat as the Alpha observed my demeanor.

"You look unsure Danielle, a look that does not often grace your mannerisms."

I sighed and shook my head,

"Alpha...the men who took this girl, we know of their previous captures and with all due respect, I do not believe that this will end well for either party tonight." I let my head hang low as I said this, I knew it was true.

"Danielle, we cannot know the outcome of a situation that hasn't presented itself to us in this way before. You and your warriors will extract the girl and bring her back to her family, you have done it before and you will do it again."

He placed his cup down on the wooden coffee table between us and I stood.

"Alpha," I bowed before excusing myself and walking towards the doors.

"Patebus," I mumbled and the doors flung open before me, startling the guards posted outside of the Alpha's doors.

Minutes later I was almost to the door to mine and Hannibel's house when I heard footsteps approaching rapidly.

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