Chapter 14 (Edited)

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The image of Drew ripping into the Rogues flashed in my mind once again as I helped myself to a shower, completely forgetting about the instructions on taking care of my back post stitch removal.

The lukewarm beads of water hit the crown of my head and I sighed as the steam within the shower rose, making me short of breath.

I cut the water suddenly, throwing a towel on myself before exiting the bathroom and entering back into the room. I fell back onto my bed and closed my eyes as the commotion outside settled, most of our people had survived.

I'm not sure how long I stayed up in the room, but I watched the sun eventually set over the hill and I knew I had to attempt to reintegrate.

I pulled a tank top over my head and a pair of jeans, before examining myself once in the mirror and taking my leave from the room.

I reached the staircase and felt my palms become slick with sweat and I cursed myself for being intimidated.

After five years, you'd think that I would have more confidence in myself, but confidence was never my strongest trait.

I breathed a sigh of relief as Ares approached me.

"They're not all bad, you know." He smiled gingerly as he took my arm in his, guiding me down the staircase.

"I know that...I suppose it's my injury, it makes me feel vulnerable." I replied.

He nodded, "You've endured quite a bit since your arrival, it's not anyone's place to question you. You've saved their lives, and they don't even know it."

I shrugged my shoulders, I wasn't quite sure if that made me feel better.

He patted my hand once, unwrapping his arm from mine and leaving me at the bottom of the staircase.

I surveyed the room, most people stared at me while others glanced and looked away. My scars, they must've been difficult to look at.

As I turned to walk towards the field I heard a small voice approaching me.

"Dani!" Owen smiled as he stumbled to run towards me.

I returned his smile and he reached me with his arms outstretched.

"I made this for you." He said as he thrust a piece of paper in my direction.

The page was colored in crayon, a poorly drawn stick figure was holding hands with a smaller boyish figure on a hilltop with sunshine and flowers.

I folded the paper and placed it in my pocket.

"I'm going to keep this forever, it'll stay with me at all times." I spoke and I pinched his nose and told him to go on and play with his friends.

He grew sad suddenly and I knelt down to his level.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

He looked down towards the floor, not meeting my eyes with his next words.

"I don't have any friends...not anymore. I don't think people like to look at me." He replied.

His words met my heart with a sting and I grabbed his hand, pulling him outside.

"Where...where are we going?" He questioned.

I continued to tug him along.

"Your father would take me to every training and conditioning session when I was little, it helped me become the Lycan I am today. There is nothing wrong with you, Owen. Today, you're going to stay with me and we're going to the field to train."

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