Chapter 19 (Edited)

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Upon reaching my room, I'd decided to change out of the previous clothes I'd chosen. Instead I slipped on a singlet, track pants with shoes and a light jacket.

Once I reached the hallway and closed the door behind me, I found myself standing and staring at the closed door for gods know how long.

Suddenly I felt Drew's presence next to me and he spoke, "You know it works much better when you open it."

I turned to him, dismissing his joke as I answered.

"Do you think what I did was...I mean was I too harsh on the girl?" I questioned, and I took notice of how it was more aimed for me rather than him.

"I think it was perfectly adequate honestly, she is a spiteful little monster who needs to learn her place if she is to be mated to an Alpha's son."

I nodded, I agreed yet I still felt as if what I'd done was wrong.

"Come on." He tugged at my shoulder earning a confused stare from me in response.

"Let's leave, it's Sunday after all and we've been through enough for one day. I believe we deserve a day off."

I knew deep down that I should't say yes, normally I would shake my head and decline the offer opting instead to stay inside and read or go over perimeter markings with my Alpha but Myra's words kept a constant sound in my head.

Instead I found myself nodding at his request and following him down the stairs and towards the garage.

It was empty, Alpha Jason had helped them in returning most of the flashy cars and replacing them with more practical vehicles. Their money was slowly returning and the hunters caught fresh meat every day while various Omegas were placed in charge of small livestock.

Slowly but surely this pack was bouncing back and my pride soared as we jumped inside of the truck passing by the warriors I was training. They were practicing on the training grounds in the evening, and I smiled as I watched them spar in the rearview mirror.

It wasn't until we reached our destination that I took notice of what he was wearing, this was something I did often when I was seventeen. I'd developed an interest in the Alpha when I was younger but as I grew older I'd noted how hard it was to stay away from him, especially when he wore that.

His red and black flannel was rolled up to his elbows, while a simple pair of black jeans graced his lower half and white shoes were paired with the outfit to finish it off. It used to be one of my favorite things to watch him wear, I used to think it made him look so normal in comparison to his usual cool demeanor.

"Coming?" He questioned as I was brought out of my trance and I nodded slowly finally seeing for myself where we were.

There was a wonderful festival in town, it looked like fun and I could only imagine how many people were piling into the hay covered grounds. My only regret was that Owen wasn't here to witness it, I was sure he'd love it.

"I wanted to come for years, your parents used to bring us here when we were kids I believe you were three and Kale and I were five. Cassie never-" He stopped long enough to look at me and opened his mouth to say something else when suddenly I was knocked into by someone and popcorn was flying in all directions.

"Oh my God I'm so sorry." I turned around and faced a girl, she looked to be a teenager and she was scrambling fiercely to pick up the pieces of popcorn.

"It's fine." I reassured her as she stood to her feet.

"Are you sure I was- oh wow." I looked down my body and back at her in a state of confusion before reaching up to touch my face. Was there something wrong with the way that I looked today?

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