Chapter 2 (Edited)

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The Best Place on Earth

My eyes read the sign in front of me as I shook the snow from my coat and walked on. In both wolf and human form I'd been traveling day and night only stopping to rest and hunt, and I had stopped keeping track of the time when I crossed through Manitoba.

I had the unusual luck of not running into any real threats on my journey and so far it'd been easy, as far as not getting caught in Lycan form. It wasn't until I crossed into British Columbia that I really found myself in trouble, for I made the mistake of taking a shortcut through Saskatchewan and in doing so I caught a couple of trackers.

Or so I thought.

I decided it would be best to settle my mistake with them instead of leading them on into further unknown territory. Forested areas covered the land and I made my way to a nearby hiking trail, leading my pursuers closer.

"Stop." A voice I could only recognize as a dominant Alpha spoke clearly,

"You pass through our land without introduction, let alone permission, you hunt our food and run inexplicably for hundreds of miles...and yet not even have the courtesy of a bow?"

I turned to face the gruff voice and bowed in respect for the unknown Alpha,

"Alpha...forgive me, I was passing through and didn't think to give notice. Rather, I am unfamiliar with this territory and did not know there was an Alpha who ruled these lands." I explained as calmly as possible, still analyzing the situation in which I was.

When the Alpha had said 'we' when he was talking about my lack of notice in passing through these lands. Simultaneously I felt a surge of pressure behind my head while bowing meaning we were being watched either by multiple people or one very powerful Lycan.

The Alpha extended his arm quickly and before him appeared four men, one taller than the next with the exception of the two identical looking ones.

"These, are my pack warriors, all boys abandoned on my doorstep. My eldest warrior, Alexander."

The man who stepped forward was a broadened and hard-edged looking man, his green eyes seemed to find mine in some sort of daring manner. If it wasn't for his blond hair, he would've been the most intimidating man I'd ever seen, but it seemed his hair was his downfall as boyish looks graced his face.

"Michael," He spoke once more and a man slightly shorter greeted my left side, his hair was a sandy blond color, a scar ran from his right temple down to his collar bone. His hands looked as if they could crush my skull in a matter of seconds with the right amount of pressure. However, when his face met mine it wasn't malice or even a serious expression at that. It was compassion and a sense of acceptance that I was afraid to come to terms with, something I couldn't bring myself to look at for long.

"And my paired warriors, Jacob and Nile." The two men who rounded out the rest of the circle around me, unlike the other two men, were...well, boys. They seemed to be younger than me, and while their legs carried speed their youth impaired their decision making. When the Alpha called these two men, one of them hesitated while the other stepped up immediately. If these truly were the Alpha's best warriors...this pack would be extirpated by spring.

I stood and without hesitation, looked the Alpha in his eyes. He flinched and raised his eyebrow at me before stepping forward, closing the gap between us.

"Would you care to explain yourself?" He asked.

I looked to my left,

"These men of yours,"

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