Chapter 17 [Part 2] (Edited)

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"Well, I think we should begin with that know the night you left." Drew spoke and I sat up a little straighter in my chair.

"What about that night are you interested in? You're going to have to give a little to have me reciprocate." I shrugged.

He sighed and stood, grabbing two tumblers from the bar cart and handing one to me before turning back around to face me.

"Scotch or whiskey?"

I lifted an eyebrow, a little amused at his question before he rolled his eyes and brought both out of the cart.

"Don't look at me like that, you and I both know we have a lot to talk about and I personally am going to need a drink to listen to every detail we cover." 

I laughed at this for a moment before grabbing the bottle of whiskey and pouring myself a glass.

"Whiskey, I'll have to remember that." He nodded before pouring himself some scotch with a couple of ice cubes and taking a seat in the chair behind the desk once more.

"Kale came to me after he presumably hurt you on the side of the pool and I remembered being so angry with him, I knew then that I had to find a way to repair what had happened in the basement. The problem was, you'd already left and I had no way of knowing where you had gone."

I nodded and sighed, taking a drink and placing the tumbler back on the dark chestnut table before looking back into Drew's eyes.

"I didn't leave because of you, I left because my brother had betrayed me. He believed an Omega over his own sister and for that I felt low. I felt as if there was no repairing any type of relationship we may have had and when I wrote that note I felt like shit. I wanted to run to his room and tell him that I loved him, that he was my brother and that I never wanted us to be apart because we were family.

I knew that we could never be that way though, Kale had made his choice and that much was evident. I loved him, and I wished he felt the same about me but I couldn't find it in my heart to ever want to speak to him again. Not after what happened, not after that night."

Drew nodded, his understanding was my solitude as I poured myself another drink and he did so as well.

"And when you left...did you plan on going to Alpha Jason's territory?"

I shook my head, throwing the glass back to catch the last sort of bitter aftertaste the whiskey left in my throat.

"No, it was never my intention to find another Alpha ever again. I knew what going rogue meant for myself, however I never wanted to be a part of another pack again. It was all a misunderstanding, I was lucky he took pity on me and brought me in, if it weren't for him I wouldn't be as high ranking as I am now."

"What happened when you got back to their lands?" He questioned.

I swallowed another mouthful of whiskey and noticed I was starting to feel the affects of the three drinks.

"Quite a bit honestly, Adachi didn't like that I was there for one so he pointed me towards the shittiest house on their land and told me not to escape." I laughed as I recalled the memory, it all seemed like a dream now.

"Soon though," I grew somber, "There was a raid on the lands hours after my arrival, hunters were coming to take samples- children's blood no less- but I put an end to that. I'm not quite sure how it happened, at the time I was still weak and I'd been in and out of my lycan form for some time. I just knew it made me angry to think of these people being massacred for their race, and by the end of the raid the hunters were dead.

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