Chapter 3 (Edited)

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The pounding in my head woke me up one morning and I tried desperately to bury my responsibilities in my pillows. It didn't work as the pounding continued and I found myself rolling my eyes and getting out of bed, at the same time it occurred to me that it wasn't in my head at all, rather it was my door.

"What?" I answered gruffly.

"Beta Rover, I just thought you might like to know that Alpha Lican and the others left five minutes ago, and that the meeting is taking place soon." An omega whose name I'd forgotten was standing outside my door, as nervous as a child.

"Thanks," I mumbled before closing the door and heading into the bathroom for a quick shower. The house seemed emptier lately and we had no idea why. The presence which lingered everywhere was no longer there, and I wasn't sure why I'd suddenly started to feel so alone. I stopped training, started drinking more often, and I hated almost anything that involved me having to leave my room.

Nevertheless, I had to attend a meeting if the Alpha was to be present and he was my best friend so I suppose I owed him that much. After drying myself and leaving the house, I picked up their scent on the trail they used to get to the pack informant house which was a place where only the elite of the pack were permitted.

"Beta Kale, thank you for joining us." Drew addressed me as I took my seat.

"Wouldn't want to miss all the fun in discussing pack budget now would I?" I responded.

The meeting continued from there into discussing pack procedure, enforcement of pack law, informant news, things that didn't involve or interest me. Instead I sat and observed as the leader of the runners spoke on behalf of his weaklings, yes it was true the pack had been deteriorating lately. Runners were slower, hunters became lazy about prey bringing back only enough for themselves although with the Alpha spending more money on chefs due to his chosen Luna, things in the pack house seemed to be going smoothly.

"Beta Kale?" My name was called.

"Hm?" I responded, my attention finally being called to the omega who was speaking to me.

"The trial? In Canada for the beastly rogue that was discovered by Alpha Jason's pack, they'd like to request everyone's approval for the trial by command." He explained.

A trial by command was essentially one of the courts of law in our Lycan system, the first being an Elder council meeting. An Elder council meeting was held by the eldest and most esteemed wolves in the world, holding power that even Alpha's craved. The next court was a trial by command, basically all high ranking wolves of the pack discussed what was to be done with whatever complication should arise, from there the rest of the omegas and pack warriors would take a vote and if need be, it would be put into a tally. The final court was a perimeter trial which was a decision that was left to the highest ranking pack runner in which he or she would make the final call on what to do with an intruder or hunter.

A trial by command was a large trial deemed only for those who were a great danger to the pack. This must have been some monster.



"Hey Kale! Wait up!" Drew caught up to me as I left the pack informant house and walked towards the community.

"How about that rogue huh? I heard they scaled it at about nine feet tall, what a freak." He laughed and placed his hand on my shoulder.

"So listen, I need you to come up to my office to have a discussion with me Alpha to Beta. You can tend to your duties later." Something I'd always hated about Drew was his ability act as if nothing was wrong, even when he knew otherwise.

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