Chapter 10 (Edited)

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Casey took a step back, shaking her head in disbelief as her hand dropped from Drew's shoulder.

She whispered to herself, "Impossible."

I watched as a smirk made its way to Alpha Jason's lips, disappearing as quickly as it came, and Drew's face turned a pale white color as he struggled to find words.

"Right then, I think it's best if my men find places to set up camp along your perimeter. I will find a place for myself and my family to reside for the time being. Alpha Lican, running commander, I think you should join me in the house for a moment."

Alpha Jason spoke as he brushed past Drew and walked up the steps to the pack house.

I followed my Alpha and walked inside, it reeked of old clothes and dirt. There was food visibly rotting in different corners of the house, and the grand entrance which led to a curved staircase was now littered with mattresses and sleeping bags.

People slept out here? I could only imagine what the basement looked like.

Drew joined us after a few moments before leading us to his office and pouring himself a drink and standing behind his desk.

He sat in his chair and I stood while Alpha Jason took a seat in the chair across from the desk.

"So what are we to do about all of this?" Alpha Jason questioned as he sat back in his chair.

Drew was silent for a minute before standing and placing his empty glass on the desk.

"We will discuss pack matters later, right now I believe you owe me an explanation." Drew turned to face me.

I stood my ground, moving only to look at my Alpha for direction.

"My running commander owes nothing to anyone, especially not to the Alpha of a disobedient, weak pack. She is here by the grace of her own hand and that grace can be stripped away at any given moment. Do not disrespect my pack members, young Alpha."

My Alpha stood as he spoke his last few words, buttoning up his suit and turning his back to Drew. He motioned for me to follow him.

"Your pack will begin training today, and once everyone has had their lunch, my running commander will take it upon herself to lead the exercises."

We left Drew to sulk in his office before making our way down the corridor and through the main hall, surveying the rest of the house.

Alpha Jason walked through the first floor of the house, turning his nose up in disgust at all of the distinct odors trailing from each room.

Eventually we reached the back yard and I found myself staring at a certain bloodstain on the poolside, before I noticed I was trailing quite far behind my Alpha.

"Filthy." He spat as we continued through the house.

Upon reaching the fifth floor, I was surprised to find it empty.

It seemed as though the pack Shaman had been gone for a while, the cold stillness of the air lingered which was uncommon for the fifth tier, being the highest point in the house.

I shook my head as I approached the door nearest to my right and jiggled the door handle, finding it to be unlocked.

"Alpha." I spoke and he turned to face me.

"Shall we proceed?" I asked and he shook his head, holding a finger up in the air.

"Alpha Lican is speaking, he's panicking...something isn't right." He narrowed his eyes.

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