Chapter Seven

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Jennifer's P.OV.

As he had said, his driver came for my cousin and I the next morning. We met Daniel and another young man, who was also handsome but just a little shorter than Daniel. He was exactly or a little less as how I would describe Daniel.

I nodded as he ushered me to sit beside Daniel. Daniel smiled at me and for some strange reasons, I felt comfortable.

After the exchange of vows and rings, we signed the papers. Eunice and the other guy did too as our witnesses. Eunice seemed to know him and I also felt comfortable with him.

We were congratulated by everyone around us.

"Hi, let me officially introduce myself. I'm...I'm actually Elvis Styles," he said nodding his head.

I looked shocked. Then it was replaced by an uncontrollable laughter. So this was the guy I was supposed to do the video with. Yes, he's fine and all but...

"Thinking about how it would've been like? I actually regret letting him replace me. I didn't know..."

Out of no where, Eunice hit his back. He winced as he stared into her blue eyes which indicated, 'the fact that I'm quiet about this doesn't mean we are OK.'

"OK, fine. God knows best. If I had done this with her, it would've been a disaster. What God has put together, let no man put asunder. You two are meant for each other. You wanna bet?" He concluded, winking his left eye at Eunice.

I rolled my eyes and laughed. Then my supposed husband joined us with a serious face.

"You are now my wife...Behave as such. And know how to be a lady."

Such an insult. I have a long way to go in this marriage. I eyed him and replied, "You need not to say that. I come from a well respected home. I was taught how to behave well. Unlike you, I'm well mannered."

He just nodded, making me feel like a complete fool. I was expecting to hear him say something and then I would too; like what we see in the movies.

"I'm going back to work. Spend time telling your parents whatever you want them to believe. I will do same. Whether they like it or yes, you are my the law and very soon, by God. Bye."

I nodded and Eunice smiled. She likes him and there's no doubt about that. Elvis left after hugging me and I sighed.

"How am I going to live in one room or house with such a man? Will I survive it?"

"You will. Do you like him? At least a little."

I smiled and said, "No, I like him a lot!"

"Whoa!!! Great. I love you cousin."

I smiled more. I was going to fight for him. To make our wedding a real one. Call it being naïve, or love at first sight, which either way, I'm fighting for him. It's not everyday you find a handsome man marrying you.

"Ready to face dad and mum?" Eunice pulled me back from my silly thoughts.

I made a face as we both sat in the car. The driver was patiently waiting for us.


"Dad but you know I don't like him. You knew I didn't want to marry him."

"If you do not marry him, I will go to jail." I quickly looked at my dad but he ignored me and continued, "My company has gone bankrupt. In three days time, if I don't pay the bank, I will lose everything. Your mum too. His dad said he will only give me the money when you both get married. You two are supposed to get married tomorrow. Do you know how much we've..."

"Unless you want to marry two men at a time," my mum said with her voice shaking, her voice filled with something I couldn't exactly put a finger on.

"Relax both of you. I understand you both. Your debt has already been settled. Hasn't the bank notified you? He settled the bills."

"How do you want me to relax? We don't know this guy."

"But he knows you. He's Daniel Johnson."

"Daniel what!" My dad exclaimed. It took us all by surprise. Is he that bad? Is he in my dad's bad book? My dad never screams when he hears someone's name. When he dislikes the person he keeps quiet and later handles the problem.

"Tell me you are joking. Mr. Johnson? He will never do that. He knows when it's business and when it's pleasure. He doesn't mix them. He doesn't do things that he wouldn't gain anything from," my dad was as shocked as I was but both with different reasons.

"This is business. He paid your debt and he married me. He's not at loss. That is if only you don't think I'm worthless."

"No body is saying you're worthless. You know you are not. And we wouldn't think that," my mum convinced as she tried to recover from my dads outburst.

I smiled and whispered, "I suggest you call to cancel tomorrow's event. I don't know for Eunice but I'm sleeping here tonight."

"Oh yeah. Me too. I miss my room. I hope everything is in it's order. I hate it when my things are mishandled."

We both laughed. Then my dad turned to look at me. "Thank you. I will make it up to you," he appreciated and promised at the same time.

I nodded and I went to my room, feeling all happy.


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