Twenty one

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Chloe Dante's P.O.V

I walk around the company as if I own the place. I know every corner by heart.

Everyone seems familiar. And they tell me I behave like someone they had lost.

They must love her so much. From the pictures i have seen, she was a beautiful lady.

Looking at her picture feels so familiar. I don't know what has been happening to me ever since I came back.

I broke up with my boyfriend because I realized I didn't love him anymore. I guess our time apart caused it.

As I walk to my office, a particular door catches my attention so I walk to it and find it locked. It's like I have been in there before and my heart keeps telling me, I want to be in there.

My curiosity gets the better part of me. I walk down the hall to a room which looks like a store room. I open a little cabinet and it contains keys.

I pick one which looks familiar. I go back to the door and as easy as it is, the door opens.

The room looks familiar. I walk to the desk. I meet a picture which stares back at me.

A couple holding a baby together in their arms, with a big smile.

Just then my heart begins to ache. I become breathless.

What is happening to me? Why am I feeling this way? What...

A tear falls from my eye. Why am i crying? What is happening? Is it because this woman's death saddens me?

After counting six and taking in deep breaths I become okay. Whatever I felt, I don't want to feel it again. It was painful.

I begin to look through the wardrobes as if I left something here.

Just then, the door opens and a distractive gorgeous man walks in. He looks familiar.

Is he the one I always dream about? Is he the one waiting for me? Better still is he the one I'm waiting or looking  for?

"Who are you?" An angry voice barks at me.

Gosh, he's handsome. Is he married? He looks like the man in the picture. It looks like it's been long since he has shaved.

"What are you doing here?"

I keep staring at him, which gets him angrier.

My heart starts to ache again.

No! Not this time around.

I get on my knees. He stares at me.

He then calls someone into the office.

He asks they take me away and they did, he didn't even care I was in pain.


Daniel's P.O.V

I walk into my wife's office as I normally do. I touch the door knob to take the keys from my pocket when the door opens.

Who opened the door?

I angrily walk in to find a young girl sitting in my wife's chair. What is she doing here? Why is she here?

She's disturbing my quiet time with my wife. Nobody is allowed to come in here, didn't they tell her!

I ask her why she was in here. But she gets on her knees. Her breathing becomes shaky.

After I call security to take her away, they tell me she's the new editor in chief.

I warn them to tell her never to step foot here.

She's the one who applied for my wife's position in the company and now she wants her office too? Who does she think she is?

She should never cross my path if she so much desires her work. I don't know why, but....

I hate her.


Chloe's P.O.V

I begin to cry like a baby. The way he shouted at me makes me want to die. I am always strong but ever since I came back from the hospital, everybody gets away with everything they do to me.

I hate my new self.

I pick up my phone and before I could stop it, I have dialled a number which looks and sounds familiar.

"Hello," a lady said through the phone.

I remain silent for a second.

"I'm sorry I dialled the wrong number. I feel sad right now and I just wanted to call my mum. Sorry, bye."

"Wait! At least tell me who you my heart will be at ease."

"Oh, I'm Chloe. Chloe Dante. And you?"

"I'm Eunice. Eunice Johnson."

Do I know her?

"If you still want to talk, I can meet you at the nearest place so we could talk."

"I would love that."

"Sure. So where are you? Or where should we meet?"

"Anywhere you want. I just don't know this area."

"Oh, so you are new here."

She tells me where we should meet and within fifteen minutes we were together.

I suddenly feel OK after I told her what happened. She looks pretty and definitely looks familiar.

Talking to her feels like it were an old norm we normally do when I am sad or have no one to talk to to.

"The man you are talking about lost his wife in a sad way. Just give him sometime, he'll..."

"You know him? Is his wife Jennifer Claves?"

She nods and I cover my mouth in shock.

"I'm sorry. Trust me I didn't mean to..."

"Don't worry. She is...I mean was my sister, my cousin to be precise. My baby sister. Nobody can replace her but...I feel so sad right now, I wish I had someone to fill this emptiness."

I wish I can and could. I wish I can be that person they all grieve take away their pains.

"Talking to you feels like old times you know. Whenever she's sad she'll call me from the office and we'll chat and...."

She cries while talking. I know how it feels like to lose someone dad.

"Let's go back. Just call me whenever you feel like. I'll save your number and we'll talk from time to time. Who knows, we might be close friends later. Even though you look young."

I laugh at what she just said. I look young...I don't think so. I feel old.

"Be careful next time. He's not going to make your life easy. Trust me."

"What do you mean by that?"


OK, so end  of another chapter. Hope you liked it.

Do you guys still don't like Chloe? I feel pity for her...honestly.

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