Chapter Thirty Four

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*Daniel's P.O.V.*

I stare at Chloe's mother for a while. Her face turns into a questioning look.

She raises one of her brows. Her confusion fully displays on her face.

I clear my throat to explain. But she holds her hand up and  I so much promise, if she hits me I'll not be blamed for my reactions.

She walks to where Elvis and I sit and looks at me, still with her hand up.

I hear Chloe calling her.

Does this woman know, I'm not in the years for jokes and plays as this?

But this is not a joke. I deserve anything she wants to do to me...for every tears I made her daughter shed.

I lick my lips while staring into her eyes.

Out of nowhere, her hand lands on Elvis. He began to wince.

He frowns at Crystal. That look on his face was priceless. He glared at me as they laughed.

"What was that for? I'm not the one you needed to hit. It's him." He said pointing at me faking an anger with his pouted lips.

This woman behaves like a child. Grand mum plays such games but...

"Why must you spoil the beautiful moment. We were having so much fun."

"Eunice thank you so much," he calls to Eunice who looks at us innocently.

"What did I do dear?" She questions him with her hand pushing her head pin inside her hair.

"She texted me to say it so we'll laugh more," Elvis explains while showing us the text.

"Yeah we did laugh. Didn't we?" Eunice defends, throwing her arms about while looking from me to Elvis.

Elvis rolls his eyes. He pouts more as Eunice gets up to kiss him on his pouted lips.

Today has been like a Korean series. It's all about humor. They make you laugh even when someone is about to be killed. They have always been my release.


"So tell me about yourself, Daniel. Not your achievement. I'm sure we wouldn't finish if we were to talk about that." Crystal asks me, adding to my ego.

"I have a grand mum, a mum and a daughter."

"So how are you related to this fine man?"

Elvis? Fine man? Tsk!

"He has been my close buddy since childhood. He's a pain in the neck trust me."

"It sounds like you," Elvis quickly defends.

"Mum you should meet his mum. She's so beautiful. I have never seen such beauty," Chloe gushes with admiration in her eyes.

I was also thinking her mum is the prettiest, a moment ago.

"No really. She's just a normal quiet woman," I simply corrected. I didn't want her mum getting jealous and pushing us all through the door and into our cars.

Nothing like you. I would've loved to add.


My day has has been splendid, thanks to Crystalline. She's funny too. She's a fine all.

I have been dying to have a moment with Chloe.

The day without romance wouldn't be enough. Chloe and I stare at each other every time our eyes meet.

I am dying to touch her soft and spotless cheeks. The feel of her lips on mine. Her forehead on mine.

I sigh and swallow while images begin to form in my head.

Chloe enters her bedroom, swinging her hips slowly. I definitely can't follow her...not with her mum and aunt here. I sigh as I look behind her.

I look back to see her mum looking at me. I instantly hold my breath.

Why am I nervous?

Gently Crystal nods her head. Silently yelling at me to follow her daughter.

I get up and bow my head low at her before leaving.


I finally get to touch her. To kiss her. To have her in my arms. We smile at each other.

Our kiss becomes deeper and needy. Showing how desperate we need each other.

"We need to stop this. I can't have you right now so we..."

"Why? I also want you," she whispers against my lips.

"There are people around. And we can't because your mum and aunt are around."

"So we won't be doing anything until my mum leaves."

Her statement hits me like a burning flame . I didn't realize the situation.

"No, not that. But we can't...not now."

She moans as I kiss her temple. My hand gently moves around her body.

"But I read stories that they still do it while their parents are just ears away."

Editor's speech.

"Those are stories. You can't compare real life to someone's imaginary work."

"But it happens in real life. They wouldn't have gotten the hint to write it if they didn't exist."

I'm honestly in no mood to discuss argue with her over this. We can do that in the office.

"Let's leave this for another day. I just want to hold you in my arms."

She looks at me and nods. I wonder the books she's been reading.

But then on a second thought, these people are definitely thinking about something else going on between us...right now.

I look at Chloe and smile at her.

"You are right Chloe. It does happen in real life."

She smiles and I remove her tank top. She looks so beautiful.

I stare at her for a while before unclasping her bra.

She whispers my name softly as I touch her.

I remove my trousers with my eyes still are fixed on her.

"What do you think about you riding me today?"


"I know. I'll teach you."

I whisper into her ears.


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