Chapter Forty Four

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Chloe's P.OV.

Eunice wakes up and I hear her silent movements from my room. She is carefully doing everything so I won't wake up. I frown when I check the time.

It's just four in the morning. I try going back to sleep. It takes me more than thirty minutes before sleep gradually takes me.

I yawn before laying my head back on the pillow.

I wake up and it is almost nine. I take my bath and choose a casual dress to wear.

I quickly fry eggs and toast the bread before taking it with tea. After I take it, I feel like throwing up.

I take my medicine and off with my car keys, I walk out.

After some few minutes, I come to a stop at my destination. I get down with a file in my hand.

There's no way they'll let me see him without an appointment. Luckily for me, I still have my company id card.

Walking past security, I head toward the elevator. I enter and there are few people in it.

We reach the floor I am going to and I have to pass through his secretary. She doesn't know who I am. I have only been here once. And I doubt she saw me. I also didn't see her the last time I came here.

"Hello, please how may I help," she politely said.

"Oh, I'm here to meet your boss."

"Do you have an appointment with him? Is he expecting you?"

"Yes, he just called me. He asked me to bring him person. I need to discuss some things with him. He knows I'm here."

"Let me call and check. Please sit over there. I'll get back to you shortly. "

"You don't have to. Here, I work in his publishing company. He needs to sign these papers and he asked me to bring them here. Here, check my id. I'm the editor."

She checks the card and nods. I smile at her as she smiles back.

As I reach behind his door, I sigh heavily before entering without knocking.


He frowns as he sees me. And I give me a straight innocent face.

"What are you doing here? Who asked you to come in? And why didn't you knock?"

"Urgh, so many questions. Can't you pretend you are happy to see me?"

He looks at me as if I were a ghost or I just came back from the dead. He stares at me.

"I'm tired of these hides and seeks. Please, I don't have the energy to continue this. You win. I'm sorry I had Jennifer's heart. I'm sorry because of me she died before her time. I'm sorry..."

"There's nothing to be sorry about. It's all in the past. I have moved on, I suggest you do same."

"But I can't move on without you. You can't do this to me. I still love you. I will always do."

I will love him till I die. He's my life. Since he has refused to see me or receive my calls or reply my messages, I decided to come here yesterday.

He sighs and look back on his key pads.

"But you are back with Elliot."

"No, grandmother just said it to make you jealous."

"I see. But yesterday I saw you two hugging. You held him tighter. He's been around you and I have seen you two together for more than twice."

"Are you accusing me?"

He can't be serious.

"Do I need a reason to?"

If I could hate him one day, I wish it were today...right now.

"What do you want? For thirty years of my life, it's only today that it has strike me that I don't know what I want. So what do you want?"

"You, of course. Marry me. Let's get married. If you have stopped loving me, we can start all over again. I'm sure you'll love me again. Let's get married," I quickly said.

He frowns and my heart sinks.

"No, I can't and I don't want to. I can't give you that."

"Why? Why can't you? Why don't you want to?"

I become desperate. Why is he saying no? Is there any body else? I doubt there's somebody else. Elvis would've told me.

"Why? Because I don't want to. If that is why you came here then please go back home. I heard you've not been feeling well. Go home and take some rest."

"So you don't want me. Is that it? The moment I leave this door we are done!!! I'm not coming back to you and no amount of pleads will change my mind."

Did I mean what I just said to him? I could taste my tears on my lips. This is unfair. He's being selfish.

He stares on his screen. He stiffens and I hope he comes back to his senses.

He swallows and I stare at his dimples. How I love that sight.

"No," he whispered and I walk away. Hoping he'll stop me. But he didn't.

With a heavy heart, I drive back to the apartment. That was so stupid of me. Well, it was worth it.


Elvis and Eunice sit in front of me. Elvis totally loving what I did while Eunice hated it, make me want to wish the earth had swallowed me up. I begin to cry.

"You always cry when things get tougher. Stop it." Eunice advised.

"He said he doesn't want me," I sniffed the words out.

"Did he look you in the eye and tell you that?" Elvis asked.

"No, he was staring at his screen."

"Such a jerk," Eunice concluded.

"Go take some rest. I'll call you once the food is ready OK?"

As I enter my room, the bell rings. Elliot isn't coming over today and aunt Leah isn't coming too. So I go straight to bed, ignoring who it could be at the door.

"What do you want here?" I faintly hear Eunice say.

"I want to see her."

It is Daniel. Why does he wants to see me? So he'll break my heart more?


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