Chapter Forty One

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Chloe's P.O.V

How am I supposed to pretend nothing happened between him and I? It hurts so much that I feel like dying. I can't continue my life without him. He's my life. I have been spending my nights sleeplessly.

I am giving him space but it is getting wider each day. He has moved on but I have not. I can't forget him just like that. Staying at my mum's place has helped me a lot. She's so furious, I know.

Eunice and Elvis told me for now, he wants to be friends with me. Just like how he is with Eunice.

How am I supposed to be friends with my ex? Especially when I still love him and not willing to let go. It is harder than anything. He's my first in every sense and I can't stop but think about him everywhere I turn. I have a part of him growing inside of me.

He has decided not to sue Grace but he wants nothing to do with her too. She moved with her husband to London after they got married a week ago.

Life is so not fair. Yes, the guilt will always follow her. But she still has the man she loves. But I don't. It is just not fair.

I didn't ask to love him this much. I didn't ask to fall so hard for him.

When I first saw him, I thought I felt pity for him. Then as much as he tries to shout and humiliate me, he gets drawn to me...each passing moment.

I feel so angry right now. He's calling it a quit without asking for my opinion. He has moved on while I can't.

He's not picking my calls too. Neither is he returning them too.

Elliot has asked me to give him my heart once more, but it is not that easy. I feel guilty having him around me, knowing I can never love him. It just saddens my heart that I can't love someone as fine as Elliot.

As i sleep in bed, I hear my mum raising her voice against another voice. The voice sounds familiar.

What?! Daniel's mum? What is she doing here?

I walk closer to my door.

"I think your son is right. It is better if they both break up."

What? No, mum. I am about to come out and talk to my mum when Daniel's mum raises her arms in defeat.

"See, I know this decision is hard for us all. Don't pretend you also want this. Besides I'm sure your daughter doesn't want his decision. I'm doing this to protect my son. You should also do same for your daughter. My son still loves her and if we don't make him realize it, he'll remain single. He's too young to settle for one child."

"At least he has one child. See, my daughter is suffering a lot. You have no idea about what we had to go through before she was able to get on her feet again. She has just a little bit of strength left. I don't want her to get hurt again sake of second chance."

"I know what my son wants. He says things he likes but they are mostly different from what he needs. Please let me talk to your daughter."

"No, my daughter never wished for this. She never asked for this kind of love. We really thank you guys for a successful heart transplant. And I'm sorry about how it happened. She's really hurting right now. I don't want her to feel this again. I wish I could just bare her pains but you know that is impossible so for now, all I can do is to go with your son's decision. It was nice seeing you again."

"You are doing this because of our past right?"

"Maybe. Your son could hurt my daughter the way I hurt you. I don't want that to happen."

"Ours were physical. Theirs are emotional. Broken ribs heal faster but broken hearts don't. Please help your daughter by helping me. I will make sure everything goes on well."

There is silence between them and I'm as confused as both of them are. I want him back but there's something holding me back.

"OK, I will help you. But if you guys hurt her again, I'll break your neck!!!"

"Exactly, thanks."

She leaves and I frown. How will they help us?

My mum comes to my room and sits at the other end of the bed.

"You heard us right?"

I nod my head slowly.

"So when are you telling him about the baby?"

"Yeah the baby. I'm scared he might take him or her away from me as soon as I give birth. I also don't want him to think I'm trying to get back with me, using the baby."

I cry again. My mum holds my chin.

"I have told you to stop crying. It is not good for the baby. You know I'm always here for you."

"Thanks. Tomorrow I'll have to look for a job. Eunice said she'll help me. I just..."

"No, no, no. I will take care of you until you give birth. I don't want you to risk your health. We already know your health is bad because of the baby. Just don't put yourself under so much stress."

I nod my head. And she leaves my room.

Should I inform Eunice and Elvis?

I pick my phone and dial Eunice's number which she picks up. I ask her to call Elvis so we'll have a conference call since I won't be saying it twice.

I tell them I'm pregnant and the line goes dead.

"Are you going to tell him? I feel like you should tell him. You know how things get when you hide things from him," Elvis said.

"This is the case we are no more together."

"Quit that shit and work on how to tell him. That even makes our work easier. Besides it's an innocent child we are talking about here," Eunice also said.

"I can't. OK, fine I will tell him when the time comes. Please don't tell him. I'll do it myself."

"So have you gone to the hospital? We can come and pick you to one," Eunice suggested.

"No, Elliot has been taking me."

"What?! You are back with your ex?" Eunice said almost as a question.

"No, we are just friends. I still love Daniel. There's no way I'm getting back with Elliot."

"But are you aware he still loves you?" Elvis asked.

"See tell Daniel about the baby and let's see what happens next. Then we'll see what happens next. And, OK?" Eunice whispered.

I nod over the phone.

"Do you realize we can't see you nod?" Eunice said and we all laugh.


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