Chapter 2

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"Are you still sure about this Lauren? I mean I know you can handle it but I just want to make sure." Ally went on. I mentally rolled my eyes but plastered a smile on my face. I nodded my head and eventually the southern-bell dropped the issue. "Okay, I trust you. If you need anything just let me know, I hope it goes alright."

"Thanks Ally, I will." I rushed towards the elevator and used my new set of keys to get me onto the fourth floor. It seemed like it took forever before the elevator finally stopped and the doors opened the reveal the fourth floor. I walked down the hallway towards the last room, where Y/N was currently occupied. I knocked on the door and opened it to see the Y/H/C haired girl still laying in her bed, her eyes trained on her hand as it twitched like crazy. "Y/N," I hesitated on calling out her name. "It's me, Lauren."

Y/N clenched her fist together while still looking at it. I watched as she laid there clenching and unclenching her fist so that she could look at every part of her hand. As more time went by I noticed that Y/N's hand only began to shake even more. I stepped inside the room not waiting for her invitation and came to a stop at the taller girl's bed. Y/N's Y/E/C eyes, which were previously moving around erratically as she looked at her hand, turned to meet mine along with her head. I could see the begging and fear in her orbs while she moved to sit up in her bed. I did the only thing I could think of and softly grabbed Y/N's hand, interlacing our fingers together.

The softness of her hand was a nice feeling I welcomed, but the pressure between started to build as Y/N squeezed her hand tightly against mine. I could see her jaw clench as she grit her teeth together. She avoided my eyes but her hand only got worse which wasn't what I expected. "Y/N, look at me." I said softly. The younger girl instead let go of my hand so that hers could drop to my thigh. I jumped in surprise but soon enough Y/N's hand started to squeeze my thigh tighter and tighter. "Y/N, look at me." I repeated. Her dilated Y/E/C orbs finally met mine as I reached both of my hands to cup her cheeks, forcing her to look at me straight in the eyes.

As soon as they met mine her pupils started to shrink back down to a normal size. With time though Y/N eventually started to calm down, as her hand started loosening up on my thigh. The taller girl blinked several times before she took her hand off of my leg so that she could scoot backwards on the bed. "I'm sorry." She muttered quietly and almost hesitantly. I smiled softly at her and I could tell that she was confused by my action.

"It's okay. But how long have you been cooped up in this room? I was thinking we could go for a little walk." I spoke. Y/N looked at me for a split second before she looked away again with a shrug of her shoulders. I didn't question it, instead I stood up and brought Y/N with me, her looming figure following behind me. I unlocked the door and dragged the taller girl behind me until we got into the elevator. I pressed the button to go to the first floor and soon enough we were on our way. "I know you're not much of a talker, so if you feel a panic attack or anything coming up, just hold my hand and I'll stop and help you, okay? But I want you to try to communicate with me." I placed my hand on Y/N's bicep as she peered into my eyes.

"Okay." She mumbled. When we stepped out of the elevator I could tell that Y/N hadn't been out of that room very much. It seemed as if she were taking everything in for the first time in her life. I looked at her hand that was in mine to see it still reddened. It was beginning to scab over as well. I brought it closer to my face so I could examine it.

"Does your hand feel better?" I asked Y/N quietly. She looked down at me before nodding her head, the slightest smile taking over the side of her mouth. I hadn't seen her smile yet so this was making me feel all giddy inside. I led the taller girl around the complex to show her around and tell her everything she hadn't seen since she's been cooped up for so long. As we walked, most of the staff members looked scared shitless to be in Y/N's presence. Even some of the other patients steered clear from the Y/E/C eyed girl. I could tell it disheartened Y/N a little bit but she didn't let it show too much or for too long. Someone was walking towards us and judging by their outfit I could tell it was a patient. Y/N's body was pushed into mine as the other patient shoulder checked her as she walked by.

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