Chapter 7 (GXG)

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As Normani and I emerged from the court room, the older girl filled out some paperwork as I stood there, waiting until I was able to see my patient again. Eventually through a door Y/N walked through opened and closed to signal that she was here. I turned in my spot to face the taller girl as she kept her eyes downcast while she walked. There was still a guard escorting her but as I made my way to the two, I motioned for the guard to leave to which he obeyed. I placed my hands on Y/N's arms as they held a bag containing her belongings. "How are you?" I asked quietly. Y/N shrugged her shoulders while keeping her eyes pointed down at her feet.

"Everything here is done, you can take her home." Normani came up behind me to let us know. I nodded my head and thanked her before the darker skinned woman left the building. After she was gone, I turned back to Y/N who had finally lifted her gaze to meet mine. I stayed quiet, hoping Y/N would say something but she only stared at me. I was surprised when she stepped forward, wrapping her arms around my waist as her head snuggled into my neck. I hesitated to hug her back since I was not expecting this at all but finally I wrapped my own arms around Y/N's neck where I felt her relax against me.

"Please don't let me go back." Y/N's voice came out as a scared whisper. I nodded my head and lifted my hand to lace in her hair. I started scratching the skin underneath my hand as I waited for Y/N to gather herself once again. I actually reveled in the feeling. I didn't expect the taller girl to be so comfortable with me this quick. I didn't want to move out of this position until Y/N was ready; I really didn't want to leave this position either way but I knew eventually the time had to come soon. When Y/N did pull away, she rubbed her eyes before giving me a solid nod.

"Are you ready to go?" I asked just to be sure. When Y/N gave another nod, I grabbed her hand and led her out of the building so that we could climb into my car. I made sure Y/N was settled in before I took off towards my house. The car ride was dead silent between us besides the radio playing in the background. The silence was not awkward at all, but I still didn't really want there to be no conversation. "I should have double checked before but, is it okay that you come stay with me for a while? Do you mind?" I asked to break the silence. Y/N looked away from the window to meet my eyes until I had to look back at the road so we didn't crash. I knew if I didn't force myself to look away, I could get myself lost in those eyes all day.

"Yeah, that's okay." Y/N quietly agreed. I felt bad for what she must have gone through. I knew something happened that we didn't know about but I knew better than to push anything or force Y/N to tell me what happened. I knew she wouldn't be able to survive in jail, but it only made my heart ache worse at the thought of someone hurting the taller girl more than she's already been hurt in the past. I wanted her to tell me on her own, where it would be on her terms for once. As much as I wanted to know everything about the younger girl, I knew I had to wait for her to tell me what she wanted. I just hoped she trusted me enough to tell me some day. "Are you sure it's okay? I don't want to intrude." Y/N spoke up. I looked over at her for a split second before shaking my head with a small smile.

"Y/N you'd never intrude. If I didn't want you to stay with me then you wouldn't, but trust me it's okay." I placed my hand on her knee for comfort. The Y/H/C haired girl nodded her head slowly a couple times before turning to look back out of the window. It wasn't much longer before we arrived at my apartment where I helped Y/N out of the car and into the building. When we entered my apartment, Y/N stood in the doorway just surveying her surroundings, her bag clutched to her chest. I closed the door behind her and came up to her side. I couldn't decipher the look that the taller girl held in her eyes but it made my heart hurt. "Are you okay?" I asked quietly. Y/N nodded her head before meeting my gaze with a small, sad smile.

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