Chapter 16 (GXG)

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As soon as the taller girl heard her name, her head shot up and her eyes met my own. I still couldn't believe that she was actually here, so I felt like I was hallucinating or something of the sort. The dark Y/E/C color I missed so much was finally looking back at me after what felt like years. I really couldn't believe my eyes now that she was finally here. I could see slight discoloration on her face as she stood to her feet right where she was sitting next to my apartment door. I didn't understand why she didn't just go inside when she clearly had the key that I gave her hanging around her neck on a chain. I stood frozen in my spot as Y/N made her way over to me, like a predator stalking its prey. The taller girl walked almost in slow motion until she was face to face with me again, but I couldn't find it in myself to move out of my frozen state. Her frame practically swallowed my much smaller one as I stared up at her, gaping since I was still shellshocked by the whole situation.

Before I could comprehend what was going on, Y/N leaned forward and pushed me back against the wall as her lips attached to my own in a fiery kiss. Immediately a moan fell from my lips at the feeling I had missed so much these past couple of days before I hesitantly reached my unoccupied hand in her long hair so that I was tugging at the roots. I felt the warm metal against the bottom of my palm where the small necklace was wrapped around Y/N's neck in order to hold the key to my apartment right over her heart. The taller girl slipped her hands over my hips to my back, where they eventually traveled down my butt where she gripped onto the back of my thighs. Y/N lifted me up and pinned me against the wall harder than before, effectively limiting my movement. The pressure of her hips pressed into my heated core, sending a fire throughout my body at the feelings.

Y/N slid her hands from my hips up the sides of my stomach, under my arms, where they back up to grip my wrists. Her left hand came to wrap around the keys that were in my right hand before I was suddenly ripped from the wall where the Y/E/C eyed girl began walking the two of us closer to my apartment since she had taken the keys from my hand. I wrapped my legs around her waist tighter, but she was still able to hold me up with one hand as the other unlocked the door of my apartment with ease. Y/N had moved her mouth down to my neck where she began to ravish the skin with markings of her own where she had found the sweet spots of my neck. I took the chance to thread my fingers in her hair which effectively pulled her closer to me and delivered another surge of pleasure throughout my body. Y/N shut the front door closed with her foot before reaching back to lock the same door before my keys dropped from her hand and onto the floor below us. The clattering sound was essentially drowned out by a moan that had slipped past my lips when Y/N had lightly bit down on the sensitive skin of my neck.

I felt myself being led towards the back of the apartment where my room laid where eventually my back touched the softness of the bed below me as Y/N maneuvered the two of us into such positions. I looked up at the taller girl who had suddenly pulled back to see that her eyes were almost black; yet with what, I was unsure of. I couldn't pinpoint if she was fading away from me, or if her eyes were darkened with lust and other such emotions. I didn't want to believe she was in a blackout state, because one emotion I could decipher in her eyes was that of love and cherishing, which had my heart fluttering for much different reasons than before. I hesitantly reached my hands up to cup her cheeks which essentially caused her eyes to flutter for a couple of seconds before the taller girl reached forward to kiss me once more. I moved my hands backwards so that my thumbs rested just in front of her ears while my fingers threaded in her hair. I hummed in satisfaction and tilted my head slightly to the right in order to deepen the kiss.

Y/N's tongue brushed against my lip where I wasted no time in granting her the access that she wanted. Soon enough, her tongue clashed with my own and in no time she was able to prove her dominance over me to which I had absolutely no problem with. I let out a moan at the feeling of her taking over the kiss as if she were actually extremely comfortable for once. Y/N's hands slid underneath the shirt that I was wearing until they rested beneath me on my back. I shivered at the feeling of her slightly chilled hands where I knew goosebumps had risen on my skin. I could feel the pressure between my legs grow, letting me know that Y/N was pressing against me harder as time went on. The feeling only heightened my arousal and made me crave for more friction. Almost on instinct, my hips jolted forward to press against Y/N's which elicited a grunt from the younger girl. My center throbbed at the sound and all I wanted was more. I gripped onto the roots of Y/N's hair even tighter in hopes that she would get the message of what I needed; and that I needed it as soon as possible.

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