Chapter 12

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After the interruption, Y/N went back to acting like nothing had ever happened before. She went back to looking at her hands that were now crossed in her lap like she was patiently waiting for something else to happen. I sighed to myself at the notion, wishing she would continue what she had started. Yet I didn't know how that would work out since anyone could walk into that door at any given moment, and we had almost been caught by that same exact scenario; almost too close to call. Had we waited a second or two longer, we definitely would have gotten in major trouble. The thought was unnerving, but I couldn't help feeling overly aroused at what just happened.

Before I could speak up, my pager pinged a message causing me to let out a small groan. I grabbed the small machine from my side and looked to see that Ally had requested me in her office. I cursed the shorter girl in my head for interrupting my time with my patient; not that we were necessarily working on her problems so to say. Who knows, maybe that was Y/N's way of trying to reconcile her disease in a way that she's able to deal with. I stood up from my position on the bed and looked over at the taller girl hesitantly. Y/N looked up from her lap with all traces of a smirk gone from her lips. "I have to go see Ally for a bit, I'll be right back though." The taller girl nodded her head and looked down, leaving me to excuse myself from the room.

On the way to Ally's office, I noticed how truly messed up I actually was from the way Y/N had just interacted with me earlier. A blush rose to my cheeks and I had to lower my head to prevent from anyone else seeing and possibly question why I was blushing for no reason, or more likely blushing just after coming out of my patient's room. I would have to deal with that at a later time now that I realized I was coming up to Ally's office where I had been requested. I gathered myself before knocking on the door a couple of times, waiting until I was instructed to enter the room. I honestly wished I could go a day without Ally bothering Y/N and I, but that didn't mean she wasn't a great person or anything less than that.

Ally motioned me to sit down in front of her desk with a wide smile on her face. See? Her happiness just radiated to whoever was near, no matter what you were feeling at the moment. I couldn't help but return her wide smile as I sat down to wait for her to explain what she needed to see me for. "I just wanted to check in and see how everything was progressing. I heard about the little misunderstanding this morning and yeah, I pretty much wanted to see how things were going." The lead doctor crossed her hands over her desk as she directed her attention to me. Subconsciously, my lip made its way between my teeth at the question presented.

"Yeah, everything seems to be good so far. I got her to calm down so now she's just in her room." I had to carefully word my answer so that nothing would come off as too suspicious. Ally nodded her head, seemingly accepting the somewhat short answer before I noticed she forced herself to become more serious than before. I straightened myself out in the seat at the sudden change, not liking where this was going. The slightly older girl seemed to hesitate for a while and look down at the desk in front of her. Minutes seemed to pass by before her brown eyes met my own once more.

"Lauren I really hate that everything is not going very well for Y/N, I really do, but the bad news keeps stacking up and it's completely out of my control." Ally sighed heavily, rubbing her forehead in frustration as I raised my eyebrow. I did not like where this was going one bit. "Basically, medical control has been keeping tabs on our facility, especially our more... difficult patients. They haven't heard of what happened today, but they keep telling me if Y/N messes up one more time, there will be severe consequences for her. I'm not sure if her parents know this and will try to screw her over, but we need to start being more cautious with how other people are going to see her. Maybe limiting her time out of the room would be an easy option."

"What? And make her suffer even? That's a horrible idea Ally." I shook my head furiously at the proposition because it wasn't humane to leave Y/N cooped up in her room, especially with her state of mind. It would possibly make things worse until we could no longer control them anymore. "So medical control is basically looking for people to report to them about Y/N? That is the worst system I've ever heard of. Her parents could easily pay someone to file a false complaint." I thought aloud and continued to ramble. "I don't understand how you could let this happen, Ally."

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