Chapter 17

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I had awoken the next morning before Y/N had, to which the taller girl was still laying next to me stark naked in my bed. The events of last night flooded into my head and involuntarily brought a smile to my face. Not only had we been intimate for the first time, but Y/N was now back with me when I thought something had gone terribly wrong with her. Upon closer inspection of her face, I noticed small bruises and cuts that I wondered how I could possibly miss last night. I trailed my fingers across the slight discolorations and a sense of sadness washed over me at the fact that she had to have endured some kind of pain to acquire these injuries. I shook my head to myself, opting to ask her about it when she woke up later. I wanted to make breakfast for the younger girl and I, so I stood from the bed to find some underwear and an oversized shirt to wear so that I wasn't completely naked in my kitchen. I looked down to see various bruises of my own coating my hips from Y/N's hands, but also the hickeys she had created with her mouth.

I shrugged off the fact and dressed myself so I could head into the kitchen to start preparing breakfast for the two of us. I noticed that it was around ten o'clock in the morning which is actually late for Y/N and I. Normally we would be up and at it before this but I didn't mind getting an extra hour or so of sleep. I knew I enjoyed it just for the fact that Y/N was by my side the whole time and I actually had her back in my arms like I had wanted. A subconscious smile formed on my face at the notion while I began preparing some batter for pancakes. I began humming to myself as I cooked for Y/N and I, and I hadn't realized how much time had passed until I heard Y/N's voice, widening my smile. "Lauren?" The taller girl asked as she walked into the living room. I turned to face her with the smile never leaving my face. She was tiredly wiping her eyes and it almost seemed like she couldn't believe where she was; it was almost like she didn't know what was going on around her. My eyebrows furrowed in confusion but the smile continued to remain on my face, hoping that it would offer some kind of comfort for the taller girl.

I saw her eyes trail downwards, until they were almost at my thighs before they slowly trailed back up to meet my own. Heat rushed up my neck to my cheeks and even to the tips of my ears just solely based on the fact that that was one of the first times Y/N has ever looked me up and down, let alone in such a way especially when I wasn't fully clothed. The Y/E/C eyed girl cleared her throat before shuffling in her spot awkwardly. "Um, you got something on your skin." She pointed at my legs before swinging her arm back behind her back. The heat never once left my cheeks even though the sight was almost amusing in a way. She had been so confident the night before yet she was so shy and awkward now standing before me. It was almost as if this wasn't the same person as last night, but I also knew better than to believe this act she was playing now. I couldn't really understand why she was acting so weirdly but nonetheless, it was completely adorable and maintained the smile on my face.

I nodded my head bashfully and turned to plate the food that I had made for the two of us to enjoy. "What happened, if you don't mind me asking." At Y/N's words, the silverware in my hands clattered against the counter as they dropped from my hand. In an instant, Y/N was by my side with her hand on my lower back. Had she not asked me that question, I would have reveled in the feeling but I couldn't find it in myself to focus on anything else. "Lauren? Are you okay?" The taller girl asked from where she stood above me. Her figure loomed over my own but in no way was it intimidating. Again, had I not been in this position, I would have reveled in the feeling of her standing so close to me with the contact of her hand on my lower back. My body remained frozen in its spot, and I don't know how long I had stood there with Y/N patiently waiting beside me in hopes that I would eventually answer the question she had asked me. "I didn't mean to overstep any boundaries; you don't have to answer if you don't want to."

"Y/N do you even know what happened last night? How you got here? What happened after you did?" Her last words seemed to snap me out of out of my daze so that I didn't waste anymore time in trying to decipher what was really going on now. My body finally allowed me to turn around in my spot so that I could face the taller girl where she stood to my side. Y/N looked at me with a raised eyebrow before she slowly shook her head, seeming to break my heart even more. Of course she wouldn't remember something like that, she was obviously not in the right state of mind to be able to comprehend what had happened last night. Even then, I still blamed myself for not acting on the obvious signs that I had seen last night; I just didn't want to believe that she wasn't fully there with me in that special moment between us. I sighed, my shoulders slouching. "You happened, Y/N. We had sex last night." I spoke as cold as I could muster up, although that didn't really work in my favor.

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