Chapter 3

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"Lauren are you sure this is a good thing for her?" Ally nervously walked beside me as I made my way to my patient's room. I couldn't help but sigh even though I knew the small Texan was just trying to look out for the two of us. When we came upon the elevator we stepped in and waited for it to take us to the designated floor. Despite what happened yesterday I couldn't help but anticipate the moment where I got to see the Y/E/C eyed girl again. There was just something about her I couldn't pinpoint that made me want to stay in her presence all day.

"Yes Ally, and it wouldn't hurt to try different things to see what works and what doesn't." I explained as the elevator came to a stop on the floor below where I needed to go. I impatiently tapped my foot as other staff members got off and on while taking forever to do so. "I want to do as much as I can to help her." I ended softly before looking down at the blonde doctor. She smiled with a nod and eventually dropped the conversation which I was grateful for. Partially because I didn't want to talk about it anymore and partially because I didn't want to wait to end the conversation since I wanted to start working as soon as I could. When the elevator finally stopped on the last floor I practically bounded towards the younger girl's room. When I walked in Y/N was sitting on her bed, her back against the wall with her knees to her chest as she just stared at the wall. I couldn't help but smile to myself as Y/N rested her chin on her knees. "Hi Y/N." I shyly smiled in her direction.

The taller girl only looked in my direction before she looked down at the bed below her. I sighed to myself before going to sit on the edge of the bed while my body faced the taller girl. "I arranged for us to go walk around town if you're up for it." I spoke quietly because I knew Y/N was still apprehensive about what happened yesterday. The air was almost awkward but I tried to ignore it as best as I could and just focus on getting Y/N out into the open air. "Just you and I, and we can do whatever you want. We can start off with getting some breakfast, coffee, anything. It's all up to you." I tried to bargain honestly praying to god she would want to get out of this room for once. Y/N shrugged one shoulder before picking at her bedsheets. I saw that for once when she wasn't doing anything her hand stayed stable, it was shaking or twitching or anything. I felt somewhat proud that at least that was a step. Shivers ran down my spine as Y/N's raspy voice filled my ears in a quiet tone.

"I've never been outside before." She muttered. "Unless they were transferring me from hospital to hospital." My heart clenched at the news. I took a deep breath and tucked my knee under my other leg as I sat further on the bed. Y/N watched my movements without meeting my gaze, her eyes dark and observant to everything that was going on around her. I wanted to reach out and hold onto her hand but I also knew that it wasn't really my place yet, I didn't know how her comfort level sat with me especially with what happened yesterday. Instead I kept my hands to myself and instead watched as Y/N sullenly messed with her fingers.

"Well now's your chance Y/N, it's just up to you on whether or not you want to go. I'll be there every step of the way if that helps." Please say yes. Finally the patient met my eyes with another shrug of her shoulders and I took that as a yes so I quickly stood up and pulled her off the bed to follow behind me as I cheered in excitement. I dragged Y/N to the elevator where I was practically jumping in my spot while we waited for the elevator to go to the bottom floor. Y/N stood in her spot with an emotionless look on her face until we got to the bottom floor. When we got to the door I let go of her hand only to hold open the door for her so I could see her reaction as she stepped outside. Y/N looked at me in confusion and stayed in the middle of the doorway. She didn't ask any questions but I knew she was relying on me to give her an explanation. "C'mon, it's up to you what we do." I smiled.

Y/N took a deep breath before she took a step onto the sidewalk. It was a lot more anticlimactic than I had anticipated so when the taller girl just looked back at me with the same emotionless face I pouted lightly. I sighed and grabbed Y/N's hand again to interlace our fingers together. "Remember, if you feel an attack coming on, just squeeze my hand and we'll handle it okay?" I smiled up at the taller girl who in turn nodded her head. "Alright captain, lead the way." At my words I was finally able to draw a small smile from the girl, the faintest twitch of her lips upward giving me a huge sense of pride also with the feeling of butterflies swarming my stomach. Y/N walked around as if she were a tourist, her head lifted in the air as she looked at anything and everything around her in amazement. Although you couldn't tell by her face I knew it because you could see the wonderment in her eyes. The taller girl's jawline was more prominent in the sun as her neck was still outstretched.

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