Chapter 8

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Jared moans. Sebastian's hands rub up and down his skin causing him to shiver.


Sebastian increases the pressure loving the way Jared's body bucks underneath him.


Pleasure courses through his veins as his eyes roll into the back of his head and the hands leave his body.

Panting, Jared collapses on the silk covered bed, his muscles in his body having turned to jelly. Looking over at Sebastian he gives him a grateful smile. "Thanks so much," he says, voice hoarse. Sebastian smiles and smacks Jared's ass causing Jared to jump and hiss. He was already sore from their late night activities. "Anytime." Sebastian grabs a small towel and swipes off his soiled hands. Throwing the rag in the waste basket in Jared's room he strips off his remaining clothes, that being his sweatpants leaving him in only his boxers. Jared's eyes darken at the sight of Sebastian's rock hard abs and he can feel himself getting another hard on. Another one? So quickly? Sebastian sees this and laughs causing Jared to blush. "Not today, babe," he says and Jared whines. "O, so you aren't sore?" Jared rolls his eyes and sighs before cuddling up to Sebastian loving what Sebastian just did for him. He really needed that massage.

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