Chapter 11

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Every day when Sebastian woke up, it was to an empty bed and a heavy heart. Today, he wakes up with Jared in his arms, and he can't help, but think that this is the best morning he's ever had.

Sebastian looks down at Jared's sleeping face and can't help, but coo. His eyes are closed, and his surprisingly long eyelashes fan over his chubby cheeks. Though it's a good view, the most adorable thing about Jared sleeping right now, is his thumb perched between his pink lips, still swollen from Sebastian's kisses. Jared Davis Garonna, CEO of one the greatest fashion buildings is sucking his thumb. Sebastian looks around for his phone, quickly finding it on his bedside table. Careful not to startle Jared from his slumber, Sebastian reaches over and snatches the phone from the bedside table. Victory and accomplishment fill him as he types in his password and unlocks his phone. He goes to his camera and is careful not to move his upper body too much- since Jared's sleeping on him- as he moves his arms to get the perfect angle of Jared. When his finds it, he takes a picture and to his horror, the flash goes off. His heart stops. Jared begins to shift around and that's when Sebastian decides to look at the time. 5:30. 30 minutes earlier than Jared's supposed to be up. Sebastian pales. Jared continues to shift around and for the first time, in a very long time, Sebastian prays to God. Please, don't have Jared wake up. Jared keeps shifting around until he's off Sebastian and onto Sebastian's bed, where Jared, cuddles one of Sebastian's pillows. Sebastian sighs in relief, before getting out of bed. Had Jared woken up, it would've been a nightmare, he thinks. Cause' a Jared that wakes up earlier then he's supposed to, is a Jared who makes you want to commit murder.

Sebastian walks into his closet where he grabs his tradition black and white suit- and underwear- and goes to the bathroom. Setting his clothes on the sink counter, he grabs a towel and wash cloth from the bathroom closet. He places his wash cloth on the rack inside the shower, while he hangs his towel on the rack just outside the shower. When he finishes settling down his stuff he opens the glass doors to the showers and turns it on, to the highest setting.

He waits, until the water begins to create steam to slide open the shower door and step in, loving the way the burns his skin. He stands there in the shower and goes over everything that's happened, since they first did it on Jared's living room couch.

After, they finished having sex, Sebastian immediately felt ashamed and ran to the shower and tried to wipe away the filth of his actions. When he got out Jared slapped him, kissed him and the kicked him out. He was very confused, before realizing he wasn't the only one experiencing conflicting emotions. So, the next day he went back to Jared's house, fucked him senseless, before telling Jared, that he wanted to continue, whatever it was they were doing. They did and the past week for Sebastian has been the best week of Sebastian's life.

Smiling, Sebastian grabs his wash cloth and body wash, squirting a generous amount of body wash on his wash cloth. Carefully, he washes his body, being extra careful when washing his cock, since Jared doesn't know when to stop having sex- though Sebastian didn't protest- his cock is feeling painfully raw. A laugh brings Sebastian from out of his head and he turns to see Jared standing there in all his glory, naked as the day he was born. Sebastian feels his cock begin to rise. Jared's expression turns smug. "Didn't get enough?" He opens his mouth to answer the question when Jared turns around, bends over and with the tips of his fingers pulls apart his cheeks showing his tight pink ring of muscles. Sebastian's mouth waters and he looks down at his aching cock that's weeping pre-cum. Sebastian quickly rinses himself off, before turning off the water and stepping out the shower. He walks over to Jared and lifts up his head, before bringing down his hand, heavily on Jared's ass. Jared shrieks and spins around to face a smiling Sebastian. "What the fuck, Sebastian," Jared yells, an angry blush reaching his ears. Sebastian's smile widens as he grabs his towel from the rack and clothes from the sink. "We have work to go to and distracting me isn't going to get you out of it." Jared's angry expression, turns into one of innocence. "I don't' know what you mean," Jared states, widening his eyes in fake disbelief. Sebastian snorts and rolls his eyes. "Hurry up and take a shower, so you can come downstairs and eat breakfast."

Sebastian walks out into the room and puts on lotion and swipes of deodorant, before putting on his suit. He hears the shower turn on, accompanied by Jared grumbling about having his ass smacked. Sebastian laughs , shaking his head as he walks downstairs to the kitchen. Sebastian opens the fridges and takes out 6 eggs, setting them down on the counter. He grabs a pan from the rack and set it on the stove, turning on the front burner. He cracks each egg, in a bowl, careful not to drop any pieces of the egg shell. 6 cracked eggs later, he throws the shells away and grabs a fork and whisks the eggs, until it's all one big blob of yellow yolk. Carefully, he pours the eggs onto the pan, leaving it alone for a few minutes, before he begins to scramble them. Another few minutes later and he grabs two plates, and puts a fair share of eggs on each. Sebastian looks down at the plates of scrambled eggs, a sense of pride swelling in his chest. Out of both him and him brother, Dylan, none of them could ever make a dish without burning it up to a crisp or messing it up in some way, until today, when Sebastian made scrambled eggs without messing up a single thing. Sebastian takes out his phone and snaps a picture of the scrambled eggs and sends it to Dylan.

'Finally did it', he sent after the picture.

He doesn't wait for a reply, already knowing that Dylan won't be answering his phone anything soon if yesterday was any indication. Feeling confident Sebastian looks over at the loaf of bread, on top of the fridge. He grabs the loaf of bread and cuts two pieces of bread that are a bit too small-though Sebastian brushes it off- and puts it on the toaster, turning the setting to partially toasted and pushes the bread down and watches it cook. He watches it for 5 seconds, before growing bored and walks around the kitchen counter, waiting for the toast to pop up. He walks around the counter five times and still it doesn't pop. Not wanting to wait all day for the toast he pulls his phone out and leaning on the counter top, plays candy crush.

He plays level 150, 3 times, when the smoke detector goes off. Sebastian jumps and runs over to the toaster and pops the toast dropping his phone and the burned toast when the burnt toast burns his hands. He yelps and runs over to the sink turning on the water, setting it to cold. As he cools his hands down, feet thunder down the stairs and into the kitchen. "Sebastian, what the fuck!" Sebastian turns his head at an soaking wet Jared with a towel wrapped around his waist. Sebastian's mouth waters at his faint six pack, remembering all the times he licked those abs and remembering what happened after he licked those abs. Sebastian can feel himself harden as he licks his lips. "Sebastian, stop ogling my sexy body and tell me what the fuck happened," Jared snaps and Sebastian look down at the floor at the coal like pieces and frowns. "I burnt the toast," he mumbles. Jared raises a brow and his lips twitch. Sebastian grabs a paper towel and dries his hands. "You did what," Jared asks again, though Sebastian has a feeling he heard. "I was trying to make breakfast and burnt the toast," Sebastian yells and Jared busts out laughing, his laughter echoing in his spacious house. Sebastian scowls and glares down at the burnt pieces of toast. "It's your fault," he mumbled. "if you'd just pop out like you were supposed to none of this would've happened." Jared must've heard this, because he laughs harder, tears running down his face. Sebastian's glare increases and he inwardly curse the burnt toast. Stupid toast.

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