Chapter 25

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When Jared stumbles into his office building he looks a mess. His hair that's usually slicked back in a ponytail is full of knots and it a mess around his head. His eyes are sunken, his skin sickly pale and his lips were so cracked and cry, that if he smiles, his lip would most likely split. His dress shirt is wrinkled, one half of the shirt tucked in, the other one untucked and ripped. His pants weren't even dress slacks, they were black pajama pants paired along with house slippers.

The people at the office all stare in confusion and sadness as they watch their boss stumble their way into the lobby and into the elevators.

Once Jared was in the elevator he sluggishly presses the button that leads him to his floor. It takes a few minutes for the elevator to reach his floor and when the elevator doors slide open he sluggishly makes his way to his office where a pissed off looking Justin and a concerned looking Jamie stood.

Jared walks over to his desk and sits in his seat behind his desk. "Justin!" Justin grabs Jamie roughly by her forearm and throws her out of Jared's office, slamming Jared's office doors and locking them.

"Where. The. HELL HAVE YOU BEEN," Justin shrieks. Jared doesn't answer, instead stares at his desk, eyes empty. Justin slams his hands down on the desk. "Answer me."

Jared just stares at his desk, focusing on breathing as that itself was a struggle.

Justin straightens himself and presses his lips in a thin line. Slowly, he moves his hand to his back pocket where he grabs a piece of paper and slowly slides it on the desk. Jared moved his eyes and saw it was a picture of Jared riding Dylan and sucking off Sebastian. Tears came to his eyes.

"How," Jared's voice cracks, his throat clogged with emotion.

"Is there something you want to tell me," Justin asks.

It doesn't take more than 3 seconds for Jared to completely break down.

Justin hurries around the desk and hugs Jared rocking him back and forth, whispering sweet nothings in his ear.

How is Jared going to live without Dylan and Sebastian, if he couldn't even answer a question without breaking down. 

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