Chapter 10

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Panting, Jared drops the phone onto the soiled sheets and throws a deathly glare at a smiling Sebastian. "What the fuck, Sebastian!" Jared exclaims, mad that Sebastian messed with him while he was on the phone. Sebastian's smile widens and he rotates his hips, causing Jared to moan as Sebastian's cock brushes against the sensitive gland, that is his prostate. "What," Sebastian asks. "You aren't enjoying me being inside you anymore?" Jared's face grows red in embarrassment and he buries his head in the covers. "Well, I guess I'll pull out." In one swift moment Sebastian pulls out, and Jared feels empty. He whimpers and looks behind his shoulder and sees Sebastian climbing out the bed. "No please," Jared begs. "Come back." Sebastian stops and gives him a smile full of sin. "I thought you didn't want my cock, inside you, pounding you relentlessly causing you to cry out and scream my name." The dirty words coming out Sebastian's mouth, causes Jared to shiver and take notice to the painful erection brushing against his abs. "No," Jared whines. "That's not true." Sebastian walks back to the bed and instead of going towards Jared in the middle of the bed, he sits on the corner, hands resting on his lap. "Then beg." Jared whines and his ears tint red at the thought of having to beg a man for sex. Never had he ever had to do so, since both woman and men lay themselves at his feet. "Sebast- Beg," Sebastian interrupts. "Or I won't so much as even spare you a glance." Sebastian reaches over and flicks the head of Jared cock causing the younger one to whimper. Did he really want to beg, like a dog wanting a treat? Does he want to have sex with Sebastian that bad? Yes. Yes, he does. "Please Sebastian," Jared pleads, quietly. "Fuck me." Sebastian makes a tsk sound while shaking his head as if reprimanding a child. "Sounds like, you're not hungry enough for my cock," Sebastian teases. "Maybe, I should leave." Sebastian stands up and Jared doesn't know what or why, but something snaps. "No, please," Jared shrieks. "I want you to come here and fuck me. I want you to fuck me into oblivion. I want you to fuck me so hard I won't be able to walk for weeks. I want you to fuck me with your thick, delicious cock and make me your whore." Well, that last statement has already been accomplished apparently with that speech, he thinks as he blushes and he's sure he represents, that of a cherry.

Sebastian coos at an embarrassed Jared and walks over before, roughly pushing down on Jared's shoulder blades, raising Jared's bubble butt in the air and pushing his face into the sheets. Sebastian gently brushes his fingers over his ass and Jared shivers. "Sebastia-"


Jared yelps and tries to get up, but the pressure on Jared's shoulder blades increases. "Sebasti- AHHHH!" Sebastian thrusts himself into Jared's ass. "SEBASTIAAAAN!" Sebastian pulls out, almost all the way, before slamming himself back in, loving the way Jared's warm heat squeezes around him. "You like my cock inside you," Sebastian states, between thrusts. Jared vigorously nods his head as he moans. Not satisfied with only a moan, Sebastian grabs a handful of Jared's hair and yanks his head back. Pain spreads throughout Jared's scalp, but he finds himself enjoying it. Sebastian sees this and laughs. "You like that, don't you slut?" Jared only moans in response. Sebastian brings his hand down on Jared's ass. "Answer me, slut." Jared cries out and nods his head. Sebastian brings his hand down on Jared's ass again. "Yes," Jared moans. "I love it...when you cause me pain.....spank me some more." Jared having spoken those words causes Sebastian's thrusts to become rough as he continuously smacks Jared's ass. "Mmm.....yes Seba-stian." Jared's eyes roll back in his head as Sebastian repeatedly pounds his prostate. He can feel himself slowly, unravel. "O, yes, yes, YES." Jared can feel drool dribble down his chin, but he can't bring himself to be embarrassed. Sebastian stops spanking Jared when he feels himself about to let loose. He moves his hand to Jared's front and wraps his hand around his cock, before pumping it with the speed of his thrust. Jared loses it. "SEBASTIAN!" Long ropes of cum spurt from Jared's cock and onto himself and the sheets, not a moment later Sebastian lets out a loud moan and comes inside of Jared, who cums again at the warm feeling of Sebastian's cum inside him. "Mmmm....Sebastian." Sebastian pulls out and watches as his cum oozes from Jared's ass. His once flaccid cock turns rock hard and he looks over at the time. 5:15. Sebastian sighs. "We're going to have to clean ourselves up and gets ready to meet Dylan." It takes a few minutes for Jared to get out of the haze, he went in after his second orgasm and process what Sebastian said.

"We don't have to go....Dylan moved it to tomorrow." He turns his head to watch as Sebastian pulls out a ring from his drawer, though it didn't look like a normal ring. Is that a cock ring, Jared asks himself. His question is answered when he sees Sebastian's wicked smile full of dark promises. "Sebastian...." Jared slowly drags his weak body across the bed. "You didn't ask to cum," Sebastian says, voice low and full of mischief. "Sebastia- It's good that we don't to go to meet Dylan," Sebastian interrupts. "Cause', now I have more time to torture you." Sebastian slowly takes steps towards Jared and Jared could slowly feel the fear and dread fill him. "W-Wait....Sebastian...I'm-I'm sorry," Jared stutters and the answering grin, almost makes Jared pee his pants.  

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