Teaser 1

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"Shivaansh, I want to say something." 21 year old girl said.

"Yup... Say..." The boy who was sitting in his room comfortably scrolling through his insta account said.

"I-I.. Love... You..." She said shuttering, though she trusted at him, becoz they were best friend from last 3 months. But she loves him.

"What? U must be kidding right?" The boy whose name was Shivaansh replied, not focusing on her.

"N--No... I really love u. I don't know how this happened. But I just know one thing that I L-Love You. I don't want ur answer now. Take ur time. " She replied assuring him.

"Apni aukaat Dekhi hai tumne? Do u see urself? I don't want ur time, u know why? Becoz I don't love u and can never do. Main kaha or tum kaha." Saying this he stood up from his bed, keeping his phone down he again started.

(Apni aukaat Dekhi hai tumne? -- Did u have seen ur status?)

(Main kaha or tum kaha -- where I m and where u are)

"Jaa ke kuchh bano pahle baad me pyaar karna. Muhabbat dayro me rah ke ki jaati hai. And moreover I love someone else." Shivaansh replied making disgusting face.

(Jaa ke kuchh bano pahle baad me pyaar karna -- go first become something then love someone)

(Muhabbat dayron me rah ke ki jaati hai -- Loving should be done in ambit.)

"U r lying. U never told me that u love someone. U r lying right?" The girl said tears were not going to stop from her eyes not this soon.

"No Adhira. I Love Her. U know why? Becoz we belong to the same status. And what is ur status? Nothing becoz u r just a maid in my mansion." Shivaansh replied with a smirk.

"NO. I M NOT A MAID." She yelled at him.

At that time there were no one so no one heard their conversation.

"Oh come on it didn't make any difference, U r Maid Or Maid's daughter." He said and walked away from the room, Adhira fell into her knee, she became a crying mess.

The destiny has written something else for her. Maybe something good but something that she can never be proud of.


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