Chapter Sixteen

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Author's POV

Adhira opened the door and then closed it with a thud sound.

"What the...? What are you doing here?"  He stood up from his place and made his way towards her.

She started making her way towards him, they stood so close, so close that she can feel his breath on her skin.

But she knew, she has to do this, for him and for her.

She held him with his collar. And started to close the distance between them, but he stopped her in middle.

"What the hell are you doing, Adhira?" He asked trying his best to remove her hand from his collar, she left him, and then again came back, now she started to unbutton his shirt's button.

"Adhira!!! What happened? Why are you behaving like this?" He asked holding her hand in his tight grip, stopping her from unbuttoning his shirt.

"Why? You don't like our closeness? Isn't it affecting you?" She asked innocently.

"What are you... Hmm...No. it isn't.  Now go away please." He said closing his mouth as he was about to say something else.

She raised her eyebrows up at his lie.

"Really? But its affecting me and I'm liking this. You know why? Becoz I love you and that's why our closeness is affecting me, but if it's not affecting you, then you don't like me, right?" She asked, she confessed her love, she wanted to do that, she loves him and she realizes that, though it' late, but not too late.

He looked at her with shocked expression, he couldn't say anything, his lips were sealed. He never had dreamt that she will ever love him, after knowing that she loves him.

"I know that, you don't like me. Becoz..." she paused and looked in his eyes, "becoz you love me." This time her voice was so soft, so soft that melted his heart.

"I know Viaan, you love me. So don't even dare to lie, I know everything. I love you too Viaan. I'm sorry, I didn't noticed it before. But when I saw you with Mukta, I was jealous at that time I couldn't understand that feeling, but now I realized that I have fallen in love with you." She said all this while looking into his eyes, which was filled with love, no matter what, he couldn't hide his love for her. She was always special for him, he always wanted her and now he got her.

Without saying anything, he kissed her, she was taken aback, after all it was her first kiss, she don't know how to kiss him back, and he knew that, so he whispered, "follow me." And she did.

The kiss was passionate, yet soft, he don't want to hurt her, he knew it was her first kiss and for that he was feeling proud.

He held her waist, and pulled her more towards him, she placed her hand around his neck, they were lost in their kiss, when someone knocked the door, it was like they were so much lost that they didn't even heard the first knock, but after they heard it second time, they pulled apart, he wanted to kiss her again and again, but stopped and hearing the knock again, this time Adhira buttoned his shirt, and make a distance from him.

"come in."


Adhira and Viaan both sat in the car and drove towards their destination.

She came out of the car and looked at the place, it was still like before, when she was here.

It isn't changed a bit. She smiled at the scenario.

Viaan held her hand and smiled at her while assuring her, she nodded at this and they both made their way towards the mansion.

"Uncle." She called as she saw the guard sitting in his chair.

He looked up and found Adhira standing there with some stranger, he stood up from his place and went towards her. She bent down and took his blessings.

"Adhira bitiya. How are you? It's been years you didn't came back here." He said keeping his hand on her head, giving her blessings.

"Sorry uncle, I got busy in my studies and then in my job. So...but I really missed you and here take this, I brought you something." She said handling a box to him, he took it and opened it, it was a new edition watch, he was fond of watches, and once she heard him talking to one of his friend, when she was going to Shivaansh's mansion. She always wanted to gift him.

He looked at her and smiled, the shine in his eyes told her that he liked the gift.

"Thank you bitiya. I never knew...." she cuts him off.

"No uncle, you are elder and I don't want you to thank me, but give us your blessings, we soon are going to get married." She said pointing her finger at Viaan, who till now was admiring the scene.

The old man, looked at him, while Viaan bent down and took his blessings. He never believed in lower and upper class, people should respect each other with who they are and not what they are, and The old man was a guard but he was elder than him, and this made Adhira smiled unknowingly, becoz she was overwhelmed by his gesture. He was totally opposite of Shivaansh, Shivaansh never thought anyone and not even respect elders if they are poor.

Gareeb or Ameer to hamari soch par nirbhar karta hai, jiska dil itna bada ho vo gareeb kaise ho skta hai?

( The poor and the rich depends on our thinking, whose heart is so big, how can he be poor? )

After that they both came inside the mansion, the living room was as usual silent, Adhira was looking at the surroundings, she must say, not everything but little things does change.

Then her eyes went towards 'her'.

She ran towards her, "Chhoti Aunty." Saying this she bent down and took her blessings.

The old woman, looked up from her book, which she was reading, and saw Adhira.

"Adhira." She said and smiled at her, she stood up but Adhira held her and sat on the floor.

"How many times I have told you not to sit on the floor? Didn't you remember?" She heard her Chhoti aunty scolding her. At this she smiled, she missed this so much.

"Nope, but I like it here, and I even like it when you scold me for this." She replied smiling warmly.

Her Chhoti aunty make her stand and hugged her.

"How are you beta?" She asked not able to control her tears, Adhira too couldn't stop her tears.

" fine. How are you? And chhote uncle?" She asked still hugging her Chhoti aunty.

"We are fine." She replied and looked behind Adhira only to find a man standing there.

They broke the hug and her Chhoti aunty looked at Viaan questioningly.

Adhira smiled at her and said, " He is  Viaan, my fiance, we are getting married soon."

At this her Chhoti aunty smiled and walked towards Viaan, who took her blessings.

"Don't even dare to think of hurting her or else..." Viaan didn't let her complete her sentence.

"I can't even think of making her sad, hurting is far." He replied at this she smiled and hugged him, he too reciprocated it.

Hearing this, Adhira smiled at him, she never had thought she will ever get to love in her life after rejected by him.

But Viaan made her wrong, and if its him, she always wanted to be wrong.


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