Chapter Eighteen

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Author's POV

Adhira was sitting on the bed, while lowering her head in a bridal dress.

Vanshi was there looking at her with a smile, she knows that they are meant for each other, but she never knew it will be so soon.

Viaan and Adhira are married now, they are in Delhi, as her chhoti aunty had requested them to stay there for today, as it was their first night.

When her chhoti aunty get to know about the deeds of Shivaansh, she was angry as well as hurt.

She never had ever thought Shivaansh will ever do such things. Adhira who was consoling her, made her understand that it's not her fault.

Whereas Viaan, who was standing outside of their room, was becoming restless.

But he can't go now, after a minute or two, Vanshi came back from their room and looked at her brother mischievously.

"What? What were you doing in the room that took you so long to come back?" He asked desperately. At this Vanshi chuckled at her brother's restlessness.

"Oh bhai. Can't you wait for a while, she is all yours now. So just calm down and just give my money." She folds her hands around her chest and said in a demanding tone.

Viaan didn't wait for even a second and gave her the money.

After that, he went straight inside the room, making Vanshi chuckled at her brother.

Viaan came inside and looked at her.
And for a second he stopped in his track after he saw her.

It was the first time, Viaan saw her in that dress. He went towards her and sat next to her.

He kept his hand on hers. She looked up at him, blushing as her cheeks were turning red.

"Adhira. Thank you." He said at this, she looked up at him, and squeezed his hand lightly.

"I did nothing for you, but you did everything for me. Now I want to do everything for you, Viaan. Becoz I love you." She said looking into his eyes.

They were looking into each other eyes, they were lost in each other.

"I promise you from now on, I'll make you happy, I can't see a single tear in your eyes. You are my everything, Adhira." Saying this, he smashed his lips on hers. She too kissed him back with the equal passion.

He was kissing her, while his one hand was busy in opening the hook of her blouse.

His hand touched her skin and a moan escaped from her mouth.

At this he held her more tightly than before.

"Adhira, if you don't want then we can stop here. I don't want to force you." He whispered in his husky voice, at this Adhira stopped for a second, her name from his mouth felt so pleasing, she never had heard this tone of his, which was so welcoming. She don't want to stop him, now she too wanted him like he does, she wanted to give her everything to him.

"Viaan. Please today don't stop." As soon as she said this, Viaan looked at her and smiled.

He took out her blouse and threw it, now she was in her bra only. He slowly, help her to take out of her jewellery.

He started kissing her neck. Her moan was making him want her more. Her hand were wrapped around his neck, he was on top of her.

He, for a second, stood up from her and opened his sherwani's button, throwing it away he again leaned back.

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