Chapter Thirteen

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Author's POV

It's been a week, since the last incident at Viaan's mansion, happened.

Viaan didn't left Adhira's side even for once. Nor Adhira did something like this.

After convincing him, Adhira gave him his 100% shares and now she merge her own company with him.

She didn't took his 51% shares. They were happy, Viaan's feelings for Adhira is growing day by day.

He can't stop himself from falling for her, whenever he sees her. He is not only fond of her smile or her hardwork but to see her kindness, whenever she sees someone who was in help, she did that, despite of their class.

She even donate her 50% income to the oldage and orphanage homes.

But this time, Viaan was controlling himself, he don't want to fall for her and did the same mistake again.

He knew, she left him, but she can't love him.

And he didn't wanted to force his love on her. He wanted to give her time. And after that, even if she denies about her feelings for him, he will left her to choose whomever she wanted to.

Whereas, Shivaansh was drowning himself in alcohol. He was guilty, he insulted a gem, a girl like Adhira, was loved by everyone, even his aunt loves her.

He was still in Mumbai, refusing to go back. He had made sure that he will leave her, but now he wanted her. It was difficult for him to leave her. He was confused of his own feelings.

He thought that, letting her go would be easy, but for him it was hard.

He was desperate to redo his mistakes, even if it take anything, he would give everything, just to get her back.

And then, he made a plan, that will surely make her his and Viaan is out of their life. As he knew that he was the one who helped her.

Whereas, Adhira had forgotten everything, but not completely yet she was trying. Viaan's company never let her feel alone not even for once.

She was glad, she got him. She knew about his feelings. But don't know that he loves her still.

She don't want to rush, becoz it will be like sympathy which she don't want to show it and she want to love him.

They were in a restaurant, along with Vanshi.

"So what's your plan for today?" Vanshi asked Adhira.

"Two meetings. And then back to home. Well, I remember, Maa had called you both. And I want you both there. Today." Adhira said remembering what her mother had said.

"I'm in." Vanshi said excitedly.

"But I'm sorry, I can't come." Viaan said, which took both the girls' attention.

"What? But why?" Adhira asked as soon as she heard him saying.

"Come on bhai...its not like, she will deny your proposal for your marriage with her daughter. You are coming and that's it." Vanshi said, she said this purposely.

They both didn't utter anything and just stared at each other.

"Vanshi. Enough. And Adhira, actually I am quite busy, I think..." Viaan couldn't able to deny her.

"Bhai, her mother had invited us, isn't it a good thing? And we are coming, Adhira. Don't worry." Vanshi said cutting him off and then looked at Adhira, while smiling. Adhira too nodded her head and after taking her stuff she stood up.

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