Chapter Five

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Author's POV

Adhira was adamant to confess her feelings, maybe it's the wrongest step she took.

He was in his room.

Adhira went inside, as he opened the door for her.

"So Adhira, how are u? And where's everyone?" He asked her while focusing his eyes on his phone.

"They went to the temple, and I m fine. What about you?" She answered but this time more excitement was visible in her voice.

"I m fine too. So is there something bothering u? You seem lost?" Shivaansh asked as he saw her in her own thoughts and quite nervous.

She was kind of girl, who can't keep her secret with herself.

She is very talkative and bubbly in nature, she can't keep anyone's secret with her, she has to reveal it to others no matter what.

And this time, she is going to confess her feelings, her secret to him, whom she doesn't even know what will be his reaction at this.

"I wanted to say something." She said nervously and looked at him.

He was busy on his phone, so he nodded.

"Yep....say..." he said after a while looking at her.

"I Love...I Love you Shivaansh." She said stuttering and lowered her head and was blushing, as she thought what she had said.

She never had dreamt that one day, she will fall for someone. And that  somebody will be there to catch her, maybe she thought like this.

"What? What the fuck u just said?" He asked amazed, after putting his phone on the near table.

"I said..." before she could say anything, he cuts her off in middle.

"Do you ever seen yourself? How can you even think of that? Love? First, do something for urself then talk about love. U dont belong to my status even." He said looking into her eyes, which was flowing continuously becoz of tears. She never ever had thought that Shivaansh would think about her like this.

She was looking at him with accused eyes. How can he???

"We don't belong to the same status Adhira. First, go and become something, that you can show off. Then come here to say those words. And moreover, I love someone else." He said and he was looking at her as if she had done something wrong, is confessing your love to someone is wrong? Do we have to see their status to love somebody?

She had heard that love can happen with anyone, love never see the difference of status or money it just happen with anyone. But whatever he was saying if its love, then in this world, people like her, don't have any right to love.

Becoz they don't have any status to show off.

"You...are are don't love anyone...right? You don't love anyone?" She asked with her trembling voice.

He smirked and smiled at her stupidity.

"No. I m not lying. In fact, I love her and she also loves me. We are perfect for each other. You know why? Becoz we belong to the same status. You know she was right, she warned me the night I took you in the bar. She warned me that I shouldn't make you my friend. But I thought you are not like others, but guess what, she was right, you are no different from others. And yes, stop trapping rich guy, so that you also can get everything, if you wanted to earn then earn by yourself. And yes, She is not a maid like you...." She cuts him off in middle, as she heard that word.

"I m not a maid." She yelled at him, thank God there wasn't anyone, or maybe those maids, but they never interfere in their lives.

She hates this word, she doesn't want to be a maid, like her mother, she wanted to take her away from her misery, she wanted her to live last moment of her life happily.

"That doesn't make any difference, maid or maid's daughter." Saying this he left the room, after taking his phone with him.

Leaving her all alone to cry. She fell on her knees.

She never ever in her dream thought that he would think this low about her.

Those words were repeating again and again in her head,

'stop trapping rich guy, so that you also can get everything, if you wanted to earn then earn by yourself.'

She closed her both ears to stop those voices. But it wasn't helping.

She became a crying mess, from the starting only, she wanted to become something for her mother, she never believed in love. But when she saw him, maybe she fell for him, but the most heartbreaking part was he was never there to catch her.

She fell so low in her own eyes, that now she is regretting her confession.

But then, one side of her is saying that she did right by confessing her feelings, after that she came to know about his real face.

She wiped her tears carelessly, she stood up and looked at the way he has departed, her eyes aren't blinking for even a second.

"I promise to you, Mr Shivaansh Kapoor, I will make you see the real me. That day, you will be crying, just like I m crying today." She said to herself.

She made her way out of that room.

She had promised herself, that one day, she will let him taste his own medicine. She now knows one thing, the word love doesn't exist in reality, it's only those people, who are infatuated from this word love doesn't exist in reality.

And now, her only aim is to show, Mr Shivaansh Kapoor his real place.

She came back to her house, the insult, the humiliation she felt by him was making her go mad. She was always a self-respected girl, she never thought, her self-respect will be gone once, love enters in her life.

She made her mind, there is no place of love in her life, from now on.

Now for her Love is a rubbish word, that only make someone weak, and hate makes you strong enough to fight for your self-respect.

But she never knew, one day that someone will make her understand the word Love's real meaning.

And for that, she has to wait. Wait till he will enter in her life.

She was unaware of anything becoz for now, she just wanted to make him regret, she just wants to punish him, that's it.

But we say that love never vanishes, maybe that hate will fade, but love will take time.








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