Chapter Three

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Publish Date:- 18/03/2020

Adhira's POV

I asked mom's permission for going to club.

She didn't permit me first but after Shivaansh asked her, she instantly said yes.

Like srsly? I m her daughter not him, that she didn't denied him.

Anyways, I was ready in my simple clothes, I never visited any club or bar or any such places.

I looked myself in the mirror last time, after taking my keypad phone with me.

I didn't like make up...

I don't want to go to the club, but as he asked me for the first time so I thought to agreed after all we met after 15 years.

Shivaansh started the car's engine and we drove off to the club.

As we entered there, the smell of cigarettes blocked my nostrils.

It's true that I love the smell of Citronella, agarbatti, naphthalene balls, camphor, and the store room dusts, but this isn't meant that I love the smell of cigarettes.

I know it's harmful, so I never use or even try them, this place is really yuck.

I kept my hand on my face so that I can't smell the cigarettes.

Shivaansh took me to his friends.

They all greeted him with a light hug.

There r two girls and two boys.

Shivaansh introduced me to everyone.
Aryan, Rithvik, Soumya and Arshita.

Aryan was very nice with me and never let me feel like I don't belong to this place.

"Hi I m Aryan Devyaansh. Ummm....what's ur name beautiful?" He asked me making me smile.

"I m Adhira Agarwal." I too returned his smile.

"Woah...Adhira...a very unique name...what's that meant?" He asked raising his eyebrow.

" has more meaning, I meant 3 meanings." I replied.

"Ok what r they?" He asked.

"Adhira means Lightening, Strong and The moon." I replied with a smile.

"Ok I will call u The Moon. Howz it?" He asked excitedly.

"It's good. Can I call u Dev?" I said and asked hesitantly.

"Yup...why not..." He smiled and the warmth in his smile is really comfortable for me, at least for now.

"Why u wore that clothes? Don't u have party wear?" Arshita asked me.

My head turned towards her.

"No actually I never visited's my first time..." I replied with smile.

But she just ignored it.

"Poor u. And if it's ur first time then enjoy and moreover eat, drink whatever u want to...becoz Shivaansh will be paying so don't hesitate. Ok?" Arshita's words really have sympathy lacing into it.

I really hate people who show sympathy towards me.
After hearing this, Rithvik and soumya giggled at this, Shivaansh glared at them and they stopped with their irritating giggle.

"Arshita not now...plz..." Aryan said giving a cold glare to her, which made her shut up.

I was glaring at her and her smirk is growing, I really don't like these kind of people who just show off their money. Money is not everything.

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