Chapter Seventeen

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Author's POV

Adhira and Viaan were in their car, going back to Mumbai, when Adhira told the driver to turn the car towards a building.

"Why? What happened?" Viaan asked as he saw her instructing the driver.

"I have a small work, it only take few minutes." Adhira said at this, Viaan whispered in her ears.

"Take as much time as you want, after all, my whole life is yours, so this few minutes... I won't mind." Saying this he kissed her on her left cheek, at this she lowered her head.

"Oh, is the great Adhira Agarwal, soon-to-be Mrs. Adhira Viaan Singh Rajput blushing?" He asked dramatically, at this she punched him lightly, and held his hand in hers.

Their destination soon came into view, the building was not an ordinary building, but a huge one.

Adhira came out of the car, following her, Viaan too came out.

"Are you coming?" She asked, becoz she thought him to wait, but somewhere she wanted him to come.

He nodded and went towards her, keeping his hand on her waist, they proceeded towards the building.

"What the hell? How? Why don't you informed me? Such a careless bitch  you are." Someone was yelling at the other, while her secretary lowered her head and hearing her boss' unpleasant words.

"Ma'am I too don't know, I got to know about this today...." she stopped abruptly as her boss yelled at her.

"Shut the fuck up. You are running this company for 5 years, then how can you be so careless? Who the hell bought my company?" She asked, yes she didn't run her business but her secretary, she was always honest with her work, her boss didn't show up only once a year or maybe two, but she held everything smoothly.

"I..." someone cut her off in middle.

"I bought your company." Adhira said coming into view, with Viaan beside him.


"Glad you remember me, Arshita D'souza." Adhira said smirking at her.

"But ho-how? Y-You are Ms. Agarwal?" Arshita asked trembling.

Adhira nodded at this.

"Remember, That day, Tumne meri aukat dikhayi thi, aaj maine tumhari aukat dikhayi." (You showed me my status, today I showed you your status.) Adhira said walking towards her.

Arshita looked at her in horror.

"Now your company is mine. And yes, that time I don't have money to buy myself a drink, and today I bought this company. See the level. Ms. D'souza." She said mocking her, though she just wanted to fulfill her promise to show her this side, but then she decided something.

"Here take your tickets to Portugal and spend your life peacefully there. And now this company is mine, I'm announcing Ms. Joshi to run this company as hers." Adhira said looking at Arshita's secretary.

Without saying anything, Arshita took the tickets and stormed out of the place.

After announcing everyone their real boss, now will be Ms. Joshi, Adhira and Viaan left from there.

Viaan was quite impressed by her bold avatar.

They both soon landed in Mumbai. And After Viaan dropped Adhira to her house, he too left for his.

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