Chapter Two

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Publish date:- 18/03/2020

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Adhira's POV

"What is she doing here?" I heard him asking from upstair's room, and that is his room.

Chhoti aunty went with him, as he came here after 15 years. The Great Shivaansh Kapoor came here after 15 years. Great? My Foot.

I didn't knew that he was Shivaansh or else I wouldn't have misguided him.

I know it's my fault, but for that I will apologize from him.

Chhoti aunty came downstair, smiling at me, sheepishly.

"Isn't he that guy?" She asked referring to the morning incident.

I didn't said anything but nodded and lowered my head, she came to me and patted on my shoulder.

"It's ok. It's not ur fault. U don't know him. So relax." She assured me with her beautiful smile.

"But... He.. " she cuts me off.

"He won't eat u relax. And yeah take his coffee to his room plz... " She pleaded.

I was afraid but didn't argued back, I really don't want to go to his room, he looks alike a beast.

But I nodded and took the tray of coffee with me.

After I knocked on his door, "come in." He said.

I opened the door and saw him sitting on his couch with his phone in his one hand.

"Ur coffee." I said and kept it on the table.

"Ok." As he said that, his head snapped towards me.

His eyes held frustration, anger.

I know it's for me.

"So u work here?" He asked smirking.

"No. I didn't work here. My mother did." I protested.

"It's the same.... " I cut him off in his middle.

"No it's not same. Understand?" I said with anger in my voice.

"Don't cut me in middle from now on. It should be ur last mistake. And second what u think about urself? First u misguided me, and then here talking to me in that tone?" He stood up from his seat.

"Sorry Sir... " Saying this I turned around to exit this room, becoz I really don't want to stand here one second now.

He held my arms and turned me around, and now I was facing him.

He left me and went towards the door, after locking it, he turned and started taking small steps towards me.

"" I asked him stuttering, he started making his way towards me, and I started backing.

"Open...the...door..or...else..." He cuts me off.

"Or else?" He asked smirking.

"Or...else...I will scream." I replied with confidence.

"Ok...scream..." he said casually.

Is he out of his mind? If I will scream, then I know everyone will say that I must have done something.

I chose to kept quite. This world can never help a girl or a woman becoz they always thought that it's always our fault.

If someone rape a girl, then it's the girl's fault, she shouldn't have wore those small dress, come on it's her choice to wore, whatever she wanted to. But why didn't they blame a man or a boy? We can't change someone's intentions by changing our clothes, after changing our clothes also they will not leave their bad intentions. And why we girls always compromise?

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