Chapter Nine

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Author's POV

"Good Morning Mr. Kapoor." Said Viaan as he entered in his cabin.

"Good Morning Mr. Rajput." Shivaansh said in a professional way.

They shook their hand and sat in their respective positions.

"Is there something important as you called me this early?" Shivaansh asked after they settled down.

"Ahh...yes Shivaansh. I want you to meet my partner. And the deal we had done is not fully successful without her sign on those papers. Becoz she hold 51% share." Viaan said as he looked at him.

"But you didn't told me before our deal and if she is your partner after our deal then it's not her right, as you signed them." Shviaansh said, he is surely a very successful businessman, and his knowledge is telling it, Viaan looked at him and closed his eyes.

"I know. But as she holds 51% share, I can't do anything. If she will sign on those papers, then only the deal will be successful. Wait a minute, I will call her." He said and took his phone out, after dialing her number, he put the phone near his ear.

"Ms. Agarwal. Plz." Saying this he cut the call and looked at him.

As Shivaansh heard this name, he was confused and for a minute, he remembered something, something which is very close to his past and he has the gut to ask him the full name of hers.

The door of the cabin opened, revealing a petite body wearing lady suit in blue.

As she came inside, Shivaansh looked up at her, he stood up only to find the girl, he once insulted, standing in front of him like a boss.

Adhira has wore sun glasses, so that she couldn't let him see her tears, just by looking at him, she felt anger and in anger her eyes teared up.

She somehow controlled herself, and walked passed him.

Shivaansh was looking at her, without blinking. She is the one, whom he insulted for being a maid's daughter, he insulted her becoz she don't have any status. She don't have her own identity.

And now, she is the one, he wanted sign on those papers which will lead him to success.

He felt guilty, just by thinking those hurtful words he had once said to her.

After she was gone, Shivaansh was worried for her, but then Akshita somehow made him understand but he felt guilty that time too, and when he saw her the guilt started making his head lowered in shame.

"Shivaansh, she is Adhira Agarwal. I think, you know her as she too belonged from Delhi." Viaan said, Shivaansh didn't know that Viaan knows about her past and Adhira didn't knew that Viaan loves her.

It's so complicated and if there wasn't Shivaansh, Viaan made her his, but after knowing she loves someone else, he can't even think about her. Becoz he respect her feelings. And becoz of her he was holding everything.

Listening to this, Shivaansh nodded.

"And Adhira he is...." Viaan was cut off in middle by Adhira, who was continuously staring at Shivaansh.

"I know, he is Shivaansh...Kapoor." she said in an emotionless voice.

Viaan didn't said anything but looked at her, only to find her looking at Shivaansh.

He shook his head and smiled. A sad Smile, for sure.

"So I think, I should go and Shivaansh. Best of luck." Saying this he left from there, he couldn't stand up there, only to find her looking at him, continuously.

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